Cochlear Nucleus 8

I find it hilarious that the official approval documents need to list the colours.

If and when you hear about the phones that will be compatible please let me know as I need a new phone but trying to wait till I know which ones I can look at I have a Samsung note 9 which I know will not be am hoping the N8 has something more then the N7 I had the N5 before the Kanso 1 so this will be so exciting!

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I don’t expect it will be much different to what phones are compatible now. I could well be wrong because I think the N8 has a something different in Bluetooth. Hmm interesting.

Somebody posted on here that it would support LE Audio which would mean at least BT 5.2. I don’t think they cited a source though. @hambone1205 Ideally with phone compatiblilty I think it’s best to wait until you have confirmation from manufacturers and preferably can actually try it out. If you need a phone NOW, the Samsung S22 Ultra would likely be a good bet, although might not be able to take advantage of all features. Waiting for S23 Ultra (early 2023) would be a better bet, but still no guarantees. On the other hand, cell phone manufacturers give remarkably good trade in values for recent phones.


My Samsung phone works fine will definitely wait till I know for sure whats the best to get wanted to start looking for a good deal or trade in thanks :blush:

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I found an n8 upgrade video that made public earlier month by a lone cochlear employee the other day but it was taken down…

that was me
link to the video, now deleted


@ssa I’m not surprised it has been removed. Cochlear has kept the N8 improvements very quiet. Now that some countries have already approved the N8 through local therapeutic goods admissions I would assume they will be increasing the advertising of the new device. Gearing up for the release date…

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I just read that Canada has approved the Nucleus 8, CP1110.
Wheels are turning for the N8.


Even though I don’t need a CI, this is wonderful news. I always find that Health Canada, or whichever authority reviews medical devices tends to take their precious time approving things.

So so exciting! Have a appt with my surgeon sept 26 she has to authorize this so I will be all ready for when it does come out in the US! I called cochlear americas yesterday no update or information just wanted to know what phone I can start looking as I have a Samsung note 9 so will not be compatible need a new phone anyway she said most likely all the newer ones will be compatible but I won’t get one till I see it on paper

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I like Samsung phones too. The S9 I had when I got the first CI was not compatible with the N7 or K2 processors. I bought a used Google Pixel 3 that works great with these processors.

Just a guess but I would think the new N8 would need Android 10 or higher.

She did mention that for Android when I called yesterday

More N8 information.
Bluetooth LE

Why is Cochlear either unable or not willing to share key features/benefits of Nucleus 8? Maybe Cochlear is restricted in what they can detail due to FDA approval not yet finalized… On the other hand if Cochlear is going to announce the so called upcoming introduction “of the next generation Nucleus processor”, you might think the horse is already out of the barn.

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I’ve just read a letter in another forum saying they are hopeful for a release date sometime in October.

I can only assume the don’t want to mention anything about features because of an advertising campaign they could have plans for :woman_shrugging:

It’s the same down here as well. Other than sometime in possibly October. They are keeping the features under lock and key here also.

I spoke with a Cochlear rep on Friday. They don’t even have much info about the N8. They said that they can’t prerelease info about it because that’s considered "marketing " and the FDA doesnt allow for marketing. Which makes it hard for people to try to plan. Especially if they need to upgrade their phone or even to decide if they want Cochlear vs another brand.

I have called also and asked cause I want a new phone so am patiently waiting

I’ve just had an email from Cochlear Australia. Telling me that the N8 will be released in October 2022. This date is for new recipients only though. The specific date has not yet been released.

Those recipients who are wanting to upgrade to the N8 from older processors the release date is March 2023. :cry: I’m disappointed that recipients have to wait a further 5 months before we can update our processors.

Am hoping the US don’t do the same we haven’t heard of a released date yet but it is on the cochlear website here that if they had a initial mapping on aug 18 or after or have surgery on aug 18 or after can so a exchange and it will be good for 120 days so I am guessing its oct 2022 here in the US also now I have to see my surgeon oct 7 for authorization to get it I am hoping that once I tell her that I am wearing the strongest magnet and it still falls off easy that she will write a letter asking for early upgrade or at least I maybe might be able to get dec 28 thats when my 5 yr upgrade is and cochlear told me to try the number 6 magnet and if that didn’t work to let them know and they would have my audiologist write a letter cause they did not want me wearing the stronger magnet but I wanted to wait for the N8 being I was this close

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Probably not, because we don’t talk about absolutely new drugs or vaccines.