Cochlear Nucleus 8

Am waiting to get the N8 anyone hear when it’s coming out?


I did a bit of poking around and didn’t find much beyond hearsay. By sometime next year seems reasonable. A year ago they were thinking this year. Who knows?

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I’m hoping @MDB is right…The N8 is still in its 2nd human trial which doesn’t finish until early November 22. Then no one knows if it then needs to go to a 3rd human trial. If it doesn’t need a 3rd human trial hopefully in 2023 sometime…

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Great! Real informaion instead of my conjecture. :>) Do you know if whether or not it needs a 3rd trial depends on the results of the 2nd trial?

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MDB nothing has been mentioned as yet. I’m hoping not, but who knows what the TGA?? will decide. All approvals go through the USA, once they make the decision it will be released globally, region by region.

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Found this on Facebook this morning.

Cochlear: CEO Dig Howitt, August 18, 2022:
'We have got just very recently approval CE Mark (Europe) for Cochlear Nucleus 8 Sound Processor. This continues our long history of advancing the development of sound processors. We will launch processor later in this half in Europe and we expect to launch in other countries through this half as we receive regulatory approvals. Today is not the launch of Nucleus 8. So we’re not going to go into the details of the features today, just to anticipate some questions for later on."

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Wow have been waiting forever for news on the N8 I was eligible for upgrade since July of this year have the Kanso 1 and i don’t like it falls off too easy so I am so excited to hear of this !! Wonder how much longer US would be?

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@Raudrive this is from the same man on FB just now…

Cochlear: Letter to US / Canada clinicians regarding Nucleus 8

Dear Cochlear Clinician,

Cochlear Americas is pleased to announce the upcoming introduction of our next generation Nucleus® behind-the-ear sound processor. Despite our excitement and anticipation, we are unable to share its key features and benefits at this time, however we can tell you that this sound processor is a direct result of our commitment to technological innovation and market leading investment in research and development.

We firmly believe earlier access to sound is extremely important and want to ensure your patients are not waiting to move forward with cochlear implantation. In support of this belief, any candidate who selects a Nucleus cochlear implant system and has an initial programming session that occurs on or after August 18, 2022 will be eligible to exchange one of their sound processors for the next generation device when it becomes available.

August 18, 2022 is the selected eligibility date as it correlates with our global investor relations announcement of this new device. With this information becoming public knowledge, we wanted your patients to be confident they would have access to the new technology without delaying surgery.

Key program details

• This next generation device is pending regulatory approval in the US and Canada, and there is no current timeline for approval or availability

• Recipients of a Cochlear Nucleus system whose initial programming occurs on or after August 18, 2022 will be eligible to exchange one of their current sound processors at no charge

• One Nucleus 7 or Kanso 2 sound processor is eligible for exchange, opened or unopened

• Cochlear will include an informational card in every system kit for new systems that fall within the eligibility period

• Eligible recipients can initiate the exchange directly with Cochlear upon announcement of device availability

• The exchange period will be determined once the next generation device becomes available, however this period will be no less than 120 days in duration

• Current Nucleus recipients who do not qualify for the technology exchange program and are looking to upgrade to this next generation technology, must wait for regulatory approval of the next generation device before placing an order for an upgrade

We are excited to offer your patients this new technology exchange program that makes it easy access to our next generation technology.

For more information, please visit the link below.


So excited!! Dying to see the features hope we don’t have to wait too long

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It all depends where you live as to how soon you can get the N8. I’m not expecting it in Aus until after April next year…

New features I believe that forward focus will be automatic in the programs. Also they hope to improve speech clarity. I believe it will support Bluetooth LE Audio… I can’t remember what the other differences are.

I was due for a new processor in June/July this year… But decided to wait for N8.

I live in the US in NJ not sure how long for US

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I was eligible for the upgrade in July 2022
Have KANSO 1 Don’t like it falls off too can’t wait

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They are telling USA new recipients who are implanted later than mid August they can exchange the N7 for N8.
I know nothing other than guessing before Xmas for US recipients.

Well I have been waiting for a few yrs to upgrade being kanso 1 didn’t work well for me so hopefully this this fall! Will call them Monday and see what they say

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The N8 has been approved for use in Australia. Woohoo!! It’s now up to Cochlear Australia to get supplies up and moving.


Great news!!! I live in the US spoke with my audiologist and made a appointment to see my surgeon sept 26 she has to authorize for me to get it then my audiologist will do the rest with cochlear am so so excited as i have the Kanso 1 and never cared for it as it falls off too easy even with the strongest magnet so I have been patiently waiting for the N8 dying to know what features it will have if its the same as the N7 I had the N5 which don’t work now so will keep waiting to hear about the features!!!

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Looks like it comes in the same colors as the N7.
Funny the formal description has it as an OTE off the ear processor. Typo probably.

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From memory N7 only has 5 colours. But N8 has 6 colours. I think the new one is silver…

You are probably right.

I was probably thinking about the silver K2 processor I first received.
Silver is almost a bright white. Traded for grey, much happier with grey.

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@MDB the human trials have been cut short for whatever reason. Here in Aus the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have approved the release of the N8 on August 24. Now it’s up to Cochlear Australia to get a supply of the N8 for recipients.

I’m due for an upgrade, I’ve got 1/2 the paperwork needed. Just waiting for Cochlear Australia to make the N8 available…

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