Left ear: completely deaf since 1993. In Sept 2013 cochlear implantation (CI24RE Contour Advance) with Cochlear Nucleus 6 sound processor. To 2016 regular CI user with no success therefore stopped using it and relying entirely on right ear just as before implantation.

In Apr 2023 second chance was given with consistently using newly purchased streaming accessory transmitting sound only to implanted ear. Now quite satisfied regular user (WRS in quiet 80%) although much work is still to be done.

Right ear: from 6th Nov 2020 on Phonak Audeo Paradise P90-RT with P receiver in cShell with Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV) by Phonak.
Roger Select and Roger On user. TV Connector user.

Jan-Apr 2020 tried Audeo Marvel M90 312T with P receiver and cShell with no venting. Despite no perceived occlusion discomfort, my audibility and clarity was really bad, which resolved, when I have bought cShell with pressure vent.

Phonak Bolero V70-P former user (2017-20). Ambra M H2O earlier (2012-17).

Earlier Widex Inteo IN-9 (up to 2012).