Cochlear Kanso with Profile Plus Implant

No it did not. I had such little left my doctor said it wouldnt have made a real difference

I went for another evaluation and mapping today. My audi gave me another tone test and speech test, but the speech test was more comprehensive.

Tone test: Like my last exam im right within normal range.

Speech test: She gave me a test on both words and sentences. The word test I got about 78% of correct. I didnt do so well with the softer speech words. As she lowered her voice i started to struggle some.

The sentence test with no background noise I got 92% correct.

I struggled with sentences in noise. With background noise I only got 37% correct.

Overall my audi was very happy with the results. I told her the test results are right in line with what im experiencing in the real world. I still struggle with people with soft speech and even slight background noise can give me trouble. My audi said that it’s a work in progress, but hearing in noise will always be a challenge.

She gave me another mapping with only 2 programs and wants to see me again in 3 months. I have only been using the new mapping for a few hours. At the moment i sense its not as loud or “powerful” as my previous mapping, but we’ll see.


Thanks for the detailed update. Very helpful.
Would you say your results are on par with most other implant patients?

While researching the Kanso 2 I came across this article from Audiology Online.
Pretty good information.

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unboxing kanso 2 :
Great news :white_check_mark:

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Im not sure i did not ask (i should have)

Thanks for the video.
Pictures are worth 1000 words. Spreche kein deutsch.

So, she is giddy to open them, but she waited to share this opening with us.
Then she pulls out two power adapter, noting that they’re not only euro ones so it’s good for travels.
Then she’s happy how it’s small and light. And same for the charger, which is also drying box (for capsules). Then notices that there’s a hole for security cable so that you don’t need to remove it for charging, it’ll fit.

2:30 It doesn’t have buttons but you can tap. 3 times for turn off, 2 times for turn on. And should be done relatively fast.

3:00 remote control is also there, for those without smartphone
Manuals for smartphone users and other manuals/instruction, warranty

4:20 she discovered usb cable and is trying for what is it (charger)
Then there’s also powerbank for charging when you’re on your way

5:00 Some cap on the kanso should be removed in order to connect with powerbank
And it is light in weight

5:40 tool for putting the magnet, and she’s happy how easy it goes
Mapping isn’t inside yet, so it has to be set up by your audi
But she’s testing how it holds on the head and that not having anything at the ear feels nice, and that’s really lighter

7:25 then she mentions replacement parts, like that cap
With instructions
Aqua+ that is softer, and more comfortable (I guess than older solution)
It holds a bit less but still good
Box has a hooks for swimming glasses

8:40 security cable (thread) for aqua+
Protection for microphones, those black dots
It’s simple to remove them, by opening, she shows
Softpads for people who feel a pressure from long wearing, 5 pieces

10:15 she said that in your packet you might get other options for carrying, like headband, or in rucksack

She is curious how sound will be
Also she’s happy that there’s wifi connection now

And that she speaked so much that dog fell asleep
She’s happy to share this with us
She’ll share when she tries the sound

Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

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