CI Processor and Bicycling

I tried searching the forums for an answer to this question. I’m starting to get back into biking, concerned about balance since I lost the hearing in my right ear, but can still ride a bicycle ( I just need practice and confidence). Decided to get an adult tricycle for the time being for confidence on the street, etc.

Anyone with a CI bike? My question is of anyone that does, how do you wear a helmet with the sound processor? The Kanso 2 is a no go because of the thickness. Haven’t tried the N7 yet, but think that’s the way to go. Helmets are cut above the ear so my HA isn’t an issue. Should I not wear a processor with the helmet or loosen the helmet a bit to accomodate the N7 coil?

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Trikes are pretty neat.
Curious why you need a helmet on a pedal powered trike. I would not worry about wearing one, no fall protection needed.

Wearing hats and caps are a pain with CI. I have a few nice hats I can not wear now. Mowing acreage on a tractor in the sun…….
Ball caps are adjustable and work pretty good.p though.

at the 46 mile mark of a 50 mile ride I got clipped by a car… went across the hood and bounced off the windshield. spent the next 14 weeks sleeping in a recliner. make a long story short if can’t wear a helmet don’t ride


Drivers of powered vehicles of all types aren’t careful and they hit cyclists - best to have on head protection when you are hit by a vehicle going double your speed and you end up bouncing off the vehicle and then the ground/pavement/curb. It happens all too often even when you are in a marked bicycle lane. I’ve had to replace a number of cracked helmets as a bicycle commuter for many years :frowning:


Didn’t expect to get my hand slapped for no helmet use while on a tricycle.

Seems there are different groups of cyclist involved. Not sure debbie_o is cross country riding at this time or if that even changes the thinking about wearing a helmet. I would think it depends on where a person rides.

We have bicycle riders riding on 70 MPH highways around here. To me this shows complete stupidity. The helmet may or may not help that?

Sorry to get off topic Debbie.

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Sorry - I wasn’t meaning to slap your hand. I appreciate all your contributions to the forum.

I my case, I’ve been hit a number of times while in a bicycle lane inside the city limits on residential streets with speed limits of 25 to 35 mph. I’ve been glad the helmet takes most of the impact in each case. The cars involved entered the bike lane to sideswipe/hit me. Same thing happens to trikes here and maybe more so to the recumbent versions that are lower and (apparently) more difficult for drivers to see. So I’d recommend a helmet to anyone riding on a public street if they can possibly use one. I’d also recommend that one dress to be as visible as possible and to be well lit when it is dark/dim outside.

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Someone that works in a bike shop told me on Saturday that riding on a trike, I didn’t need a helmet. The cross bar on my trike says to wear a helmet.

If you don’t have experience turning a trike and you don’t slow down, you can tip a trike. A trike has a larger turning radius than a bike. Also, if you don’t sit up straight, the trike will pull to one side or the other side. Next thing you know, you’re riding towards the curb and watch out! I stopped before that happened. I’ve now got the learning curve down. With a trike, forget everything you learned about riding a regular bicycle (except hand braking is the same, rear brake first to slow down, then left brake to stop).

Not sure if I agree with this.
Is that with your feet up or down?
I tend to agree with your salesman if you are riding in an area that isn’t a raceway. You have to use your best judgment either way.

How may of you follow all the safety stickers on your appliances and equipment?
Yeah, that is what I thought.:smirk:

I have a CI - and one hearing aid. The CI does not fit under my helmet, so i leave it at home and just use HA side for hearing.

2 weeks ago I went riding, had an accident and broke 5 ribs and my collarbone. i’m typing this one handed right now. my helmet was smashed - broke through from the impact at 27km/h. I had a CT scan and they found two small blood spots. I had an MRI 24hrs later. luckily my implant is AB’s 3D ultra hi-res which is MRI capable. no further damage was found and i’m home recovering. I’m lucky.

Please - wear a helmet if you can find one that fits, or take off the CI while riding.

I wouldn’t be typing this to you if i wasn’t wearing my helmet.


Agreed that it’s a judgement call. If one is riding a traditional adult trike on a sidewalk, I’d probably skip the helmet. If I were riding a multispeed recumbent trike on a road, yeah, I’d wear a helmet. But, it’s the individual’s call.

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Interesting thread re helmets. In Australia its easy - if you are on a public carriage way (includes dedicated bike paths) you MUST wear a helmet - its the law! :smiley:


Is it enforced? Here (California, USA) it’s illegal to ride a bike on a sidewalk but it’s very common. I’ve asked officers about it and they said it’s fine, but it you hit a pedestrian, you’ll be at fault. I think helmets are mandatory for kids/optional for adults.

Sitting at a red light in van.
Guy on a bike comes and plows into might passenger side. He was drunk.
Ride off.

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Yup enforced.

Police issue around 500 fines each month to cyclists for not wearing a helmet , each one worth $344, and now account for 70 per cent of all bike fines issued since 2014. 25 May 2020
Newspaper Article

I THINK you get a pass for religious reasons (Turban) but not sure. There was a HUGE road safety campaign back in the '80s and it became mandatory in the '90s. Mandatory seatbelts front and back seats of cars. Mandatory child safety seats etc

In Tucson (Arizona, USA), enforcement varies for sidewalk violations. The University of Arizona police enforce it on campus, especially during the start of school terms. In my experience, Tucson police rarely enforce traffic rules except maybe drunk driving as they are undermanned and are busy with “real” crime. As for helmets on bicycle riders - required for children in Tucson (varies by jurisdiction in Arizona) with no requirement for adults.

Anyone who dismisses helmets isn’t an experienced rider, as I see it. Anyone who has ridden a lot, on or off road, can tell you at least one story where their helmet has saved their bacon.

Helmets are a pain in the ass, but are life savers. Please don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.


Maybe not…
I have ridden motorcycles for many years without a helmet. Yes, I know.
Have had a couple near misses but thankfully reflexes saved my butt.
That’s not the case now, getting older has me rethinking all this.

I think motorists pay more attention to bikers. Loud pipes and bright lights help.

Plus, they don’t tend to crash by doingdumbass maneuvers. You guys are different animals. I could never equate my years bicycling to your years motorcycling.

Debbie another forum I’m on a man uses a Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Helmet. Apparently you can adjust its fit via a dial on the back, so he just tightens it when it’s on his head. Hope this give you some help.