Buying speaker wire/receivers from Costco

Does anyone know if you can buy (ReSound or Phonak) speaker wire/receivers from Costco? Or will they tell you to go pound sand because you didn’t buy the Costco variant hearing aid from them?

about six months I was in my local costco and thought I would pick up some extra domes for my Linx961’s. NO sale, they would not sell them to me, for the reason you stated.

Oh well, I guess I can just get them on EBay from Singapore or Korea.

I don’t get it Doc Jake. You want me to stop talk about where to buy hearing aid equipment? You want me to stop talking about self programming. Tell us what your problem is? Maybe we can help you with it.

I did a little poking at the speaker wire/receivers from Korea. He said “It is factory package and will take picture as it is on Monday in Korea time”.

Im kinda wondering what you’re getting at, too.

Sigh, Did you ever buy a pair of used hearing aids (HAs) Gyrkin? The answer is no, correct? RITE HAs have speaker wire/receivers that come in various sizes. They also come in different power outputs. When you buy used RITE HAs it will be likely as not that you will need to replace the speaker wire/receivers.

Now where do you get new speaker wire/receivers? From your local audiologist that you did not buy HAs from? That could possibly work. Though it’s an uncomfortable transaction. They expect you to get service from wherever you bought the HAs. But they like money, so it is possible.

What I am getting at is this. Will Costco sell individual parts, namely the speaker wire/receivers? They don’t carry the exact brand of hearing aids but the Costco HA variants use the exact same speaker wire/receivers. It appears the answer is no, Costco will not sell these parts.

Does that explain what I am getting at, Bunky?

The Korean/Singapore sources (which I am leery of) probably deserves a separate thread.

Oh, and I haven’t the faintest idea of what the beating-a-dead-horse reference means???

How many post have you made pissing and moaning about Costco?

Why should Costco give a rat’s ass about hearing aids you bought elsewhere?

Why do you consider Costco to be any different than other Audi’s?
Amazon is your friend:

Thanks for the Amazon link. I find Amazon sellers to be similar to (and in some cases, the exact same) sellers as EBay. So I am also leery about Amazon sellers. I am guessing that the products come from the same source (whether from Amazon, Korea, or Singapore).

The beating-a-dead-horse post must mean this has been discussed before. I cannot find a previous thread. I just searched again.

That number would be zero.

I don’t expect Costco to give a rat’s ass. The OP said “will Costco tell you to go pound sand”.

Hahahaha, I finally figured out what the beating-a-dead-horse reference is about. It’s a long story about thread crapping and questioning my motives so I won’t bore you with the details.

Now that I think about it more, if Costco were like other Audis then they would sell parts to you for money.

I suspect they may be even more restricted than a local Audi because of contractual obligations with the manufacturers.

I discovered a few more things about what parts/accessories Costco will (or will not) sell to me.

rasmus is right. I checked. They will sell Bluetooth accessories to anyone. Though, remember these are one generation back.

They do not sell speaker wire receivers. No worries if you bought your hearing aids (HAs) from Costco and they are still under warranty. They will replace them free. If the warranty has expired then they can still replace the receiver by treating it as a repair for $135 per Costco purchased HA.

They do not sell supplies such as Domes and wax traps when you did not purchase your HAs from Costco. No worries if you bought your hearing aids (HAs) from Costco. You can order Domes and wax traps for your Costco purchased HAs.

Although non-Costco hearing aid users can purchase accessories through Costco, they need to be aware that some accessories require a grouping or connection procedure with the hearing instrument(s) before the accessory will function. Costco may not be able to perform this procedure with non-Costco hearing aids due to software restrictions. Users may need to take the accessory to their private hearing professional to be connected.

I thought you can ask any audiologist to help with speaker wires, receivers and even programming. I am sure someone would willing to help you. I would called around and ask.

Why would I want to do that?

Bottom line (from a self-programmer’s viewpoint) Costco is pretty much useless for accessories and supplies if you didn’t buy your hearing aids (HAs) from Costco. Also, you must be careful if you ever consider buying a used Costco product for purposes of self programming because the Kirkland Signature 5 is locked to Costco only fitting software.