BTE and hair sounds

I have linx quattros, my first BTE always had custom ITC aids before. I find hear so much scraping/crunch sounds from what sounds like my hair or the actual body of the hearing aid rubbing and the mics picking up noise from hair/rubbing like.
I have very short hair and keep it well short around ears to. Its like when I swallow or move jaw to much hear like rustling.
Is this typical of BTE?

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Yes it is. I had Resound Lynx for 5 years and had to keep my hair short. I did get used to it and not notice it as much as time went on. I now have the Costco K9s and it is hardly noticeable so technology is noticeably better.

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Thanks, I have the Quattros which are latest from Resound at the mo, well were when i got 18months ago. I think its some to do with not being used to them behind ears and the fact I have lost the lower frequencies more of hearing and have ok high pitched so maybe hear these noises more.

Is your hair as short as mine (what’s left of it! :smile:). I wear Quattro’s, too, and my hair is cut on the side with #2 clippers, on the top with #4 (and I did it all by myself - my wife refused to become a barber!). I call it “The COVID-19 LOOK,” because I decided it was safer during the pandemic to cut it myself (if wife refuses) rather than go to a hair salon or barbershop.

Perhaps one difference is that I wear glasses. Do you? The glasses probably help keep the HA bodies away from my hair. I don’t hear any hair scratching sounds or have any sounds when chewing other than through bone conduction. The link is a “VIEW ONLY” link to a recent selfie I took and posted on my MS OneDrive account. It may take several seconds for the full high-resolution of the photo to download and the photo will look blurry 'til then.!ApngLox0gfb7jvRUMSrMFEYA489UYg?e=8d5v6e


lol, mine is thinning and before lock down was keeping it at number 2/3, around ears always 2 and recently went 1 around ears, as always done myself and hardly going out so not bothered if looks bad lol.
Thanks for the pic, no I don’t wear glasses. It maybe wire length or just that i can hear the noises to much.
With ITE ones the right one always played up as sure mould wasn’t right, this was another reason i wanted to try BTE with domes etc.

I have the same problem. IMOA It depends on where the mike is on your HA. I wear Phonak HP aids and the mike is on the top of the aid were my hair will rub on the mike. It looks like the new Phonak has the mike off to the side were it would be harder for the hair to rub on the mike. I have worn HA for 61 years and this is the first pair that I have had this problem with…The older HA’s used to have a hood that would cover the mike to direct the sound and protect the mike. I wish they were still like that.

Recommendation to test - ask your fitter to lower ‘low sounds’ even more. In phonak, that’s called 35 something, in others it might be ‘expansion’. But idea is the same - reduce gain to those very soft sounds.
I went all nuclear and reduced both lows and highs, and it’s fine now.
With my good ear I started wearing HA for the simplicity of streaming, and I had to reduce it A LOT unless I want to hear my breathing (lows) or hearing silence in the apartment (highs). Now it’s all fine, and I still get all other sounds.

What I mean, I don’t need superear, and by default the gain there was non trivial, so I guess that’s something manufacturers often do, so it could be worth looking at it.

I had this happen initially, the audiologist fixed it at the first adjustment, about 3 weeks later.

You might want to ask if you can increase your expansion on the hearing aids. It has been known to reduce unwanted noise like what you described. It is in the fitting program that your fitter uses. Just ask the fitter to increase it. I hope this helps you out. Have a great evening.

Thanks, all think I need to get to another audiologist, as mine is just over whelmed by all the different software for all brands, I think he can get any brand. I am sure there are so many things I could do to have them better but would need the noahlink and software to play with myself to.
I am going to go elsewhere or may even ask if I can pay for some time to have a play with software my self or something.

My only suggestion is make sure they use Real Ear Measurements. That way the audiologists is verifying the hearing aids meat its goals needed to make you hear better. Good luck and I understand the impotence of finding a good audiologists that is knowledgeable and has time to meet with you. Have a great day and it has been nice talking to you.

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It looks like your audi didn’t learn the l principles but exact steps, and with 10+ different looking sws that definitely can be overwhelming.

From things I know now after researching for my marvels, I’d dare to modify just about any sw, because principles ARE the same eg noise cancelling, feedback control, it is just a matter of learning how each manufacturer calls that, but it’s also not completely crazy naming, eg no one calls their feedback control’ wild cucumber’ :joy:

But yes, I’d recommend either finding a person who knows principles and doesn’t have a problem with different naming, or get a sw and check the names for yourself. Even just figuring out names could help communicate with audi, but the question arises - for what then you’re paying them high money if you’re doing their job.

On the other hand, let’s assume you don’t have anymore time or patience to teach someone their job, then yes, route of DIY for tweaking things after you understand how they work is definitely less frustrating and more rewarding route :slight_smile:

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I don’t know how he can be overwhelmed. That’s why God invented computers

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I thought that you were going to joke the opposite: that God invented computers so that we could find a way to be overwhelmed and experience that technological sensation.

Relative to computers and HA’s a very interesting character and very talented guy who has been a prolific book author in the past and worked for Microsoft on Silverlight, Jesse Liberty, whose books I’ve learned C++ and C# from, declared at least a decade or two ago that there was a time as either a computer professional or aficionado that one could know everything (almost) about personal computers and programming. He declared wistfully that those days were over. No single person could master all that one needed to know in a high technology environment (I guess it’s been true for humanity in general since Renaissance Persons became an endangered species).

So maybe HA’s are moving in that direction, too (or have been there already). No single HCP provider or user can really get a good handle on everything that’s out there in the HA world and all its nuances (except maybe Dr. Cliff!). :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly he was like its impossible to be able to learn all for each brand sort thing, and was even saying in future going to offer less smart/fancy hearing aids as had enough. His other side of business thats very busy is ear wax suction etc.
I just feel overall probably not getting the best out of all the features and sound processing on offer, and if I could have time with software have a play to. Like many things not can’t really break it would either reset over revert to previous saved profiles.
In future do hope we eventually all have option to connect to a PC via bluetooth and change software ourselves etc. Buying hearing aids on internet or over counter will be the norm expect.

I get it a little bit on occasion now. Almost not worth mentioning…

Was worse at first but the audiologist made some adjustments to turn down just that frequency and it made no difference that I can tell in the aids performance, just took away 99%… no maybe 98.5% of the bad noise. I was planning to ask about that other 0.5% on my next visit… :slight_smile:

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Got my first pair of BTE’s ~12 years ago (on 3rd pair now), and have found the “hair sound” present in all of them. I’ve just gotten used to it and consider it a subtle reminder to visit the barber soon. :upside_down_face:


I wear Widex Moments and just thought the hair sounds were part of living with hearing aids. I’ve actually become acclimated so that I rarely notice it and I have very long hair. In a pony tail I don’t much hear/notice it at all. But hair down is still noticeable. I didn’t realize my audi could adjust to reduce this. I got these in the middle of this C19 thing so haven’t even been able to see her until now. I think I’ll make an appt to get these adjusted properly. Thanks guys! :pray:t2:

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I find that hair sounds are far worse right after getting a haircut. The short hairs really like to rasp noisily against the microphones of my Naida BTE aids. So I am continually smoothing the hair back from the aids to try and prevent the noise.

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Oh goodness. It’s all the same. You just have to learn a bit of different jargon that different companies use to describe the same stuff. The software is getting more and more similar.

Using computers seems to me to be mostly about clicking buttons and looking for what you want. But some people are weirdly shy about clicking buttons.