Bluetooth no longer "finding" Lumity Life aids on start-up

Sigh. Another day, another mystery to tackle. For the past couple days (I’m pretty sure right after the latest software update on my Android Samsung Flip-4 phone?) Bluetooth no longer “finds” either pair of Lumity Life aids when I put them in first thing in the morning. So if a call comes in, I’m not automatically in STREAMING mode as I used to be.

I’ve tried disconnecting, repairing, re-connecting both pairs of aids to no avail. I turned BT OFF/ON and even rebooted the phone. No combination seems to get my aids paired PLUS connected upon starting up each morning.

Anyone else out there having a similar issue? My only work-around is to manually put my aids IN, turn them OFF, turn BT OFF on the phone, turn aids ON, turn BT ON and then select the aids from the list of “available devices”. Then make sure that pair of aids shows up in BT as both PAIRED and CONNECTED, ready to stream a call. Finally, I do a quick test call to Wellcare to see if the robo-answering is STREAMING. If not, I go through the whole procedure AGAIN.

Definitely sub-optimal way to begin my day! I’m used to just putting the aids in, and if a call comes in or I have to make one, I’m instantly streaming.

Any tips, tricks or advice short of taking a ballpeen hammer to phone and aids would be greatly appreciated.

Mine hasn’t since the iOS 17 update.

I have to just press on my R- Paradise Bluetooth, in setting and it connects.



Ok, thanks for the input!

Granted, you are on an Apple phone, but WHY oh WHY do these phone companies hound us for daily UPDATES when doing so ends up causing us incredible inconvenience?!? It’s like the minute we have everything working A-OK and easy, there’s some kind of Helen Keller UPDATE to completely rearrange the furniture in our life. We with hearing aids are always playing “catch-up” with accessories that are no longer automatically connecting to our aids. And the only way we find that out is when we take an important call and - SUDDENLY! - it’s not streaming! I have no way to cut away from the call to go through 20 steps to get my aids paired + connected all over again, so maybe I’ll just use Acoustic Phone. Low tech.

I’m guessing you press R-Paradise via myPhonak app on your iPhone to get streaming?

I have a Samsung A53 and have automatic pairing when I put in my aids every morning, no problem after any updates


Bluetooth can be wierd. Sometimes a problem will just go away. Sometimes a small fix is enough. Sometimes a big fix is needed. Sometimes too many pairings and connections just overload the system and the best thing to do is to start over. That may require disconnect from everything and remove all pairings.


Sounds like you have done just about everything but remove the app from phone. Boot the phone. Reload the app and start the pairing process from scratch.
Good luck


please try to clear the bluetooth cache on your samsung Flip-4.

go to “Settings > Reset > Reset network settings”. This will reset all Bluetooth settings on your phone (and clear all saved Wi-Fi networks).

Then rebooting the phone

Then start again by pairing the aids with your phone


Yep, great idea.
Hope it works.

OK, I only have two similar choices to what you recommend:

  1. Reset wi-fi and Bluetooth
  2. Reset mobile network settings

Should I do #1 here? Reset wi-fi & Bluetooth? I’ll do it first thing Monday morning if you post before then.

I only have both pairs of Lumity Life aids paired + connected to my Android Samsung Flip-4 phone and to the 2 Roger ON iN sets I had to buy to accommodate the redundant pairs of rechargeable Life aids. No other device is even paired with my aids.

I’ll keep trying things and hope for a fix.

Could it be the Apps fault?

Every time I visited the Audi who supplied my Paradise P90s I had to

Forget my hearing aids on my phone

Get rid of myPhonak app.
Download the app again

Then pair my hearing aids with the app

Don’t know why


Uhhh, you have just one device paired, right? Shows as something like R- Phonak hearing aids?

Is the “R- Phonak hearing aids” the first device in your list of devices? No other devices on the phone connected, and no other paired devices in range of the hearing aids?

Mine connect every time, Samsung S21 FE.

I dug into the new version of the app today.

There are comments there about having the audi or specialist set up Target so both hearing aids are paired at once. Mine have never done that, thanks to the audi who set them up I’ve found a practitioner to set up my hearing aids properly. I’ll put it on the list. He found a number of things that were not set up properly.

I have still not downloaded or use myPhonak app. I’m thinking it was one of the DAILY, stoopid “softare updates” that my cell phone forces on me. I never know the purpose of the updates, and while most of them are harmless, this appears to be a case where SOMETHING was updated on my Android phone, and as a result, I have to re-pair + reconnect my aids every time they are powered off. That happens if I take a nap and turn them off or put them in the charger overnight, or drop them for half an hour in the charger if I jump in the shower or … or… or! The simplest thing - just the aids being turned off - now forces me to be inconvenienced with the fix: re-pairing and re-connecting EACH pair of my aids to the cell phone whenever I put them on.

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Every time I saw my dispensing Audi for any reason, he would pair my Paradise P90s. Then my APP wouldn’t work. I’d forget them and pair them using the App.

That man had no skill.

It’s true that your previous audi lacked technical skill, but I find myself being a bit empathetic for BOTH of you. This is just further proof that, at the current state of HA complexity and need for integration with myriad accessories, WE NEED A GEEK SQUAD to specialize in hearing aid issues: connectivity, compatibility, firmware updates, cell phone updates, pair + connect issues with BT, the list is endless.

Now I’ve done a software update on my Android cell phone and my aids no longer start up paired + connected AUTOMATICALLY when I put them in. Why is that? I simply have no clue. Something in the software update changed some kind of protocol or action regarding BT, and now I am inconvenienced every day forever more having to pair + connect each pair of aids on a daily basis as I put them in.

Well, I’m clueless as a pipe-smoking nun in army boots. :thinking:

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Bluetooth in general is kind of obscure for a lot of devices - hard to tell if connected, no way to know if you have exceeded some connection limit, etc. I just spent a good chunk of time trying to pair both air pods (for my husband) and my HAs to a splitter for listening to audiobooks together and we could do one or the other but not both for some reason. In theory it should work but if you mess up one step the Bluetooth gets messed up and you have to start over but you have no way of knowing what it is you did wrong :woman_facepalming:

@1Bluejay have you tried ‘forgetting’ the main R HA Bluetooth connection and rediscovering it? I had to do this on my iPhone after a recent update. After that it works as usual again.

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My dispensing audi and I parted politely. However, in the last meeting without telling me he erased all the programs and settings and did a quick fit. He said my hearing aids would be quieter because my hearing had improved.

But my hearing was damaged by loud noise.

I like your idea of a Geek Squad.

I’d like to be recognized by Phonak. I’d like to see them provide customer service. As a user I’d love to be able to see the Target User Report and Target Pro Report on my computer so I can see how my hearing aids are set up.

My case is different than most of you. My hearing aids were provided because of hearing loss due to loud noise at work. The agency that provides that is the client, not me. That agency determined what hearing aids I would receive with information provided by the audi.

I’m very lucky I got new hearing aids

But the setup was atrocious for a year and a half. I couldn’t hear in quiet environments and politely told him so. He finally suggested I should find someone who could help me more than he could. I found he had erased all my programs without telling me when I used the APP at home.

After Every time I returned home my wife said I couldn’t hear. And, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I selected a hearing aid practitioner. He knew my hearing aids were supplied by workman’s comp. He took me on as a client anyway.

First appointment My new practitioner used the same Audiogram. He fixed the mistakes and set up my hearing aids. And I could hear

6 months later he did a hearing test. My hearing is 10 to 20 dB worse He followed up and did another test. It was slightly worse.

Now I hear much better using my hearing aids. The practitioners hearing test is more accurate. And he knows how to set up my Paradise P90s.

Hope and trust your hearing aid is fixed! You are wise to have a second set.

Take care

David Lynch

PS. Thank you for your posts. You’ve really helped me learn!

I get you … but hearing aids are typically NOT set up and tweaked by DIYers - of which we have plenty right on this board! It’s not my cuppa tea, but I also daydream about “What if I was able to load Target and do my own program settings myself?” After all, I had to learn the basics of Photoshop to render photos, and spreadsheet/slide show apps when working.

It’s not that we’re incompetent and can’t learn, it’s that hearing aid makers have created a “gate-keeper” between them and us: the audiologist. I’m ever so grateful for my audi gal, but I still don’t get why hearing aids have to be SO complicated that the users are considered UNABLE to take care of them ourselves.

Many of us own home appliances that we’re supposed to maintain and take care of. I’ve got the old Rainbird manual system that irrigates my lawn, but somehow, hearing aids are just not considered user-friendly devices to set up. It shouldn’t be that way!

We should be able to change the wax guard, speakers and domes with ease for starters.


You nailed it and said it so well

Thank you!

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