Beeping Oticon Opn 1's

My Oticon Opn 1’s have always occasionally rebooted themselves.
Now one or the other will reboot, play the fanfare, pause, and then beep and then the other one will beep.
They will continually alternate beeps until I shut them both down and manually reboot them.
Has anyone seen this kind of activity before and what did you have done about it?

My first thought is are they the z-power rechargeable aids. The second thought would be are the wax filters clean, or do you have issues with the recievers. Bad wires to the recievers also could do it. I would say if your Audi is open get them checked. And the last thing I can think of is that you may have bad mics or the mics need cleaning.

These are powered by 312 batteries. The domes and wax filters have been recently changed. My Audi is shut down tight.

Are you around loud noise when this happens. here is a link to the users manual it has a list of different beeps and troubleshooting. From what you are saying they need to be look at by your Audi and more than likely send in for repairs.

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It can happen anywhere, but these days I am mainly just in the house with no loud noises. I suspect that they may be checking out but would not expect both of them to go at the same time. The beeps are one from one side and then one from the other side and it just will go on and on until I shut them down.

one last thought are you paired to more than one device that is one and the bluetooth enabled. This is a reach but possible, I am like you I do not understand them both doing it. Unless they are trying to communicate to each other and cannot do it, then they may act like that. But shouldn’t, I have had one of my aids in for repair and used the other without issues.

They have been paired with an iPhone and an iPad but they have been paired for a long time now and this beeping problem has just recently started.

Then you can try this, forget the aids on the devices and pair back to only one device after you reboot it. It may work.
Sorry I am a troubleshooter by training and I do not like to give up or not figure it out. I still feel you will have to get them repaired but seeing the Audi is closed down may as well try what ever we can think of.

My original OPN (equivalent of 1) used to reboot themselves for no good reason. After a couple of firmware updates, the problem was mostly resolved. I would check the version of the firmware - my OPN S 1 hearing aids are at 8.0. If I remember correctly, the original OPN 1 were up to version 6.1 about October 2019 when they returned from a check (and repair) at the end of the warranty period and became my spares. The ON app, version 2.1.0 (recently released), will show the firmware version if you select hearing aids (bottom right on the screen) and then touch the > for the left and right aids.

That said, unless you have a wired programming device and the Genie II software you will need to wait until your Audi reopens to update firmware.

Cvkemp has a good point - if I have both my iPhone and my iPad on (with bluetooth on), my OPN S 1 aids can issue series of beeps as the two iDevices apparently fight for control of the aids. I find it works best for me if I have only one of my iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth on. The hearing aids can be paired with both devices but having Bluetooth on both iDevices on at the same time results in beeping and inconsistent behavior (volume changing without me doing anything for example) for me. My iPad has iPadOS 13.4.1 and my ancient iPhone 6 has iOS 12.4.6 (latest available for a 6).


Good point about the firmware I forgot about the issues I had with my aids at 6.0 and the 6.1 fixed it.

I would suggest trying one aid at a time. See if one aid works when the other aid is not powered up. If one is “confused” it may be disrupting the other aid. Might get you by until your audiologist can check them out.


I have OPN 1’s and while not seeing this exact issue, I have seen a variety of weird beeping and buzzing problems. All were eventually traced back to moisture in the hearing aid - namely, sweat. I sweat a lot and the only resolution I have found is a product called Ear-Gear. They are little “socks” that fit around the hearing aid and keep most moisture out. They are insanely expensive when you consider what you are getting, but they resolved the problems for me. Good Luck!


Do they beep continuously or just few times? Mine used to beep 4 * 8 times, then stop. Then after a while again. It used to happen few times a day, usually caused by sudden noise. I was told that aids mics were faulty

FWIW, I have had a similar problem with my OPN 1 's over the past few months. Once in a while, I get the reboot thing with the music. I’ve always had that and it’s not common. But what is weird is a chirpy beep sound that I get in one, then the other. It’s the same sound you get when you modify the volume including the click and the chirp when it finds the ‘neutral’ middle volume. They’ll beep back and forth for a few seconds then stop. Occasionally just one does it. . It only seems to happen in the house. No other noise or sounds around me. I’ve never been able to identify the trigger.

The connection to iPhone/iPad may be the problem. There was an ios update a little while ago and I always keep them up to date. I am unpairing them and starting over to see if this will help. Maybe nothing but worth a try. Going to the Audi is out of the question at the moment. If they die, I can replace them in December. But not with Oticon. Far too many problems.

I have been wearing Oticon aids for just over ten years. I will be getting new aids this summer and I am sure they will be Oticon. I just love the sound. I have all f the extras that will still work with the new aids. Yes I have had a few issues with aids going bad, but that is just what happens with advanced technology.

Occasionally I have experienced some unusual behavior, like the left side clicks, it feels like it changed volume, then it clicks again and it is back to normal. Or, it clicks on the left, then on the right, and both sides are back to normal. Also, after there was an IOS update, and I start noticing unusual behavior - like changing by itself the volume and the sound quality, I have deleted the app from my iPhone and reinstalled it. That took care of it. My suggestion is you delete the app, reinstall it and watch if the problem has gone away. If not, then a visit to your audi may be your next step.

I have had this same issue since I got my OPN 2 years ago and Oticon has continually replaced the hearing aids but the same thing happens. The volume controls beep intermittently in each hearing aid on there own. Also my left side randomly goes silent for a few seconds and comes back on.

Welcome to the forum, there are many helpful, knowledgeable people here who are more than willing to assist others.
But on the issue of the beeping OPN’s, I cannot give you any good news from my end. After a very long period, the beeping did eventually occur less frequently. But they will frequently just turn off and have to be rebooted.
An additional annoyance is that I have an iPhone and an iPad and they seem to fight as to which has the connection. This will usually result in the HA’s just giving up and shutting down.
My HA tech wasn’t much help before and now with the shutdown …
Looking forward to being able to change HA brands and getting better support. Will be watching this forum for information on the different HA’s becoming available.

I have recently experienced the random volume beeping a few times recently on my OPN 1, which I got brand new (as a warranty replacement) just less than a year ago. There was really nothing I could do to fix it. It just started doing it, then it stopped shortly afterward. But it happened few and far in between so I haven’t really had to worry about it much for now.