Audeo Q90 programming

Just a quick question re programming cable requirement for the phonak audeo Q90-312. Tried looking for it but no info what cable is required to program. Anyone know?

Can you not use a iCube?

From Product_Information_Audeo_Q.pdf;

From How to Buy Programming cables, Flex Strips, Programming Pills;

From Target/Help/Cable overview;

Short answer = pair of CS44a cables.

Oh, we also have a Step-by-Step guide;
From How to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY];

Here’s a link to the Step-by-Step guide for Phonak AudeoQ.

Thanks for that info. I realized now that I need a later version of the target software. I have 2.6 and it does not detect the HA. I had a look and the latest is a red broken link. How can I get the latest software? Any help pls?