Are there any very knowledgeable Signia hearing aid professionals on here

I have been in Signia Pure 7AX bi cros for a year. I believe my dispenser does not know what he is doing and therefore my adjustments are not helping me hear good. Is there anyone on here in the SWFL area that specializes in Signia hearing aids that can help with my adjustments?

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Sometimes the patient needs to learn more about about their hearing loss and hearing aids. This way they understand how to he??lp the fitter.

Sharing your audiogram will help us help you. Tell us what kind of problems you are having with your aids.

There are many knowledgeable members here on the forum about many things.

Where is SWFL?

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I’m having difficulty with clarity, speech in noisy environments.

I’m in the Fort Myers FL area.

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Thanks for your audiogram.

This is definitely challenging. Maybe @Um_bongo or @Neville could help

Being deaf on one side is going to make it very difficult to understand speech in noisy environments. We have a few members with bone conduction systems that really like them.

From reading the cross systems are kind of hit and miss.

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Thank you for your feedback.

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I’m with @Raudrive, the cross and or bi cross is not for everyone unfortunately, rick why not a CI on the left side?

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Hi :wave: I’m not a candidate for CI. I was born deaf on left side, genetic EYA1 BOR. My ENT says we have to be implanted early on and I am 55 years old. He says my brain will not be able to make sounds into words.


She answered you but the simple answer from doctors is if you haven’t stimulated the auditory nerve for a very long time the chance of a CI is working is low.


Oh ok so that’s unfortunate, yeah so the bone conduction could well be something else to try, hopefully those that are using themselves will offer some advice.

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I will look into bone conduction devices for sure. I know when they do that test on me I do hear.


I believe bone conduction hearing still uses the auditory nerve to get sound to the brain.
The vibration can easily transfer from one side of the head to the other using the skull.
Masking during bone tests are typical I believe.

Not an expert about this at all. Maybe @TexOkie can help us.

Here is a thread started but no help given.
This sounds kind of like the OP here.
I am not familiar with the Cochlear device mentioned.

I found this under categories/bone conduction.
More information in that area you might want to read.


Speech in noise IS going to be difficult.

It needs a BiCROS set-up - probably with a tidy little mould on a medium/HP receiver. We’d normally offer an Oticon More 2 in this configuration, but you might want to hold fire a couple of weeks until the Intent comes out and fid out whether the steerable tech works on the CROS system too.

Definitely find someone that handles Oticon, definitely find someone that will let you trial the CROS unit and return after a month if it’s not giving you benefit over the basic aid.

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Do you use phone app from Signia?

Which device do you use for your hearing problem?

I do use the Signia app.

Thank you for sharing this.

I am bilateral cochlear implants.

And do you have ‘the Assistant’ option available?
Narrowing the field od hearing from omni or auto to a narrow cone can help a lot in noisy situations.

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I use Signia Pure C & G 7AX with bicros as well as Starkey Livio 2400 with bicros