Anyone have a copy of Widex Compass?

I think searching online will help you find the software.

I did not find any option to PM you since im new on this forum. I am in desperate need of widex compass 5.6.2. Can you please send me the software? Thanks

Por favor necesito el software widex compass que no sea para GPS para mi audifono.

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Hi. I need the Widex Compass program for my headphones. Let’s see if someone can help me.
Thank you

Hola. Necesito el programa Widex Compass para mis audiofonos. A ver si alguien me puede ayudar.


Yo tambien

Thanks for trying to help @romysanmiguel. But GiopianoHA was looking for the software in March 2013. That’s (5 years ago)! So don’t you think he may have found it by now, or given up? Yo también/same here for augustomauricio1212 who already has the software.

Things have changed and this is an old thread. Look here instead;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

I could send Widex Compass V5 if the moderator considers acceptable

This is an old obsolete thread. I would like to suggest that you post requests for software on the main software sharing thread, this one;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

There you will find the majority of software readily available, except for some that are shown in red as deteriorated links. But don’t lose hope because you will also find a community sharing procedure for deteriorated links.

Friend, help me out please. email software widex compass v5.9.1

Friend, help me out please. send software widex compass v5 to my email Thanks

Hi Gary
can you send me the link to your latest widex compass software?
Many thanks

Que software de widex tiene por favor

can you send me the link to your latest widex compass software? OR
send software widex compass v5 (5.7.2 or more recent) to my email

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HI! I still looking for compass ! If you have version 5.41.,please PM me. Thank you very much!

I am also trying to find a copy of widex compass v5. Anyone? Please?

I have found a Widex Pro Link programmer but cannot find the Compass GPS software to program the hearing aids. It seems the Thread “How to find Fitting Software” is no longer available.

I was wondering if anyone knew where to find Compass GPS or could help me out. Thanks.

Any ideas where I can find a recent version of Compass?

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