Anyone have a copy of Widex Compass?


I currently have version 5.1 for home programming my Widex 440s. However, my audiologist has recently made changes on a later version of the software that are not compatible with 5.1.

Widex no longer provide a link for anyone to download Compass. So I was wondering if anyone here had a copy of a version after 5.1 that they had downloaded before Widex stopped making the Compass downloads available?



Hi garydhooper,
I’m also interested in the latest version of Compass, I want to make some changes at home, and found also a seller for USB Link. Please let me know if you get a copy.
Thank you



This is kind of a big problem. If one gets all setup for self programming with a copy of the needed software, you’re pretty much locked into that program from then on. Newer releases don’t like being operated on by older releases of a lot of software.

Maybe there is a software genius amongst us who knows a way to get around this? By that I mean a line of code or small file that checks for software versions that can be over ridden.



unless you have access to the new releases as they are released you are pretty much screwed into not taking them anywhere for help as most AuDs stay current. you almost always either need the same or newer release of software. as far as changing source code I would be very surprised if anyone actually let’s their source code out.



Have your hearing aids (firmware) been updated?

If you hearing aids match (or matched) the software, then you should maybe stick with whatever version works at home and not go to the audi :cool:. However maybe you can start a new session and read the aids into that as a new starting point. Failing that, there are only so many settings, so you could get a printout of the settings from your audi and start from scratch at home.



You do not have to keep completely up to date with the Compass software. I downloaded the version that I have back in 2010.

There have been a number of versions since then but this is the first time that I have hit an issue that me having an older version at home than my audi uses, actually makes a difference.

I assume that if I can get a current version then I will not have any other issues for quite a while.

Even if I could hack the source code disabling software version checking would not help. The issue appears to be that the dat in my hearing aids does not match the data format expected by the older version of the software. Only having a more up-to-date version of the software will help with that.



Even if I could hack the source code disabling software

good luck



I don’t think that anyone is seriously suggesting hacking the software and even if anyone could as I said above it would be of no help at all anyway. There is no evidence that the problem is due to simple software version checking.

Compass is complaining that the data in my hearing aid is not of the expected format. I assume that later versions of the software have added new data fields e.g. for new features or changed data formats and that earlier versions of the software do not support this.

The only solution would be for me to get a more up-to-date version of the Compass installed at home



really this is just an educational question on my part but once your AuD has programmed them what is it you feel the need to do on your own?



Looks like the original question wasn’t answered. :slight_smile:

Anybody have the new software?



I have version 5.41. Are you still looking for Compass?



For those interested in 5.6.2 version, the Santa is very close, just PM.



Program it for the real world! Programming it in the AUD office is nothing but a gotcha to get you back for another adjustment appointment. If I had the program on my Laptop, then when I am in a situation where the aid is not up to par, I could create or tweak a program to make it more realistic.

Not getting you back would be the only reason to not let the consumer have or purchase a copy (Like they did before). If they felt there was some “Oh big secret section” that shouldnt be altered then they could easily lock that from the consumer version.



Hello, I read on the forum you have found a seller for USB link, you can give me a link please?



Hi, I have an old demo version, you may tell me how to download your version of compass?



Hi. Are you still having your compass softwares (v5.x)??



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