Anyone have a copy of Widex Compass?

But you are able to recieve PMs right? I sent you my e-mail in last PM but check if did you recieved please.

Hi all,

Please could someone send me Widex Compass software? I Can’t send PM because i’m new here.


Could someone please send me Widex Compass software? Any Version to get me started. I can’t send PM because i’m new here. I need to adjust my hearing aids. 250,500,1000,2000 need turned down 20 db.

My personal email is and I would really appreciate anyone that can share this with me. Also I need a wire usb or whatever to program them if someone can send me that link or where to buy them too I would really appreciate that as well.

Thanks so much,


There’s a seller in ebay for Widex stuff right now, check it out :slight_smile:

Yes, he have Widex USB link, but without software. I wrote him.

That’s why I’m asking here for this software. I searched on web, but it’s nowhere available for download, not even on the official site of Widex.

I want to buy Widex USB link, but without this software is useless to me…

Could someone upload to any sharing server?

I’m not representing anybody from the manufacturers here, but you do have a concept of copyright, yes? Just because you want a copy of something that is (albeit freely) distributed to authorised agents of Widex doesn’t mean it should automatically be available to you. Widex may have their own reasons for doing this or might be trying to protect themselves from claims brought about by people wearing poorly adjusted models of their hearing aids.

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If someone wants to adjust the hearing aids itself, doing it on his responsibility. I need to adjust only my own hearing aids.
I was many times at the audiologist to adjust hearing aids, but the result is still not perfect. I think that only myself can adjust them best.
I don’t want to distribute this software… i’m just awaiting help on this forum.

Hello, i’m from germany and i need the widex Compass software for Widex clear 440 and mobile data, or can give me someone a user ID and password.
Where i can get a cheap Interface for my windows 7 PC.

Thank you

Can you also email me the software my email is thank you very much

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Me as well please:

I think searching online will help you find the software.

I did not find any option to PM you since im new on this forum. I am in desperate need of widex compass 5.6.2. Can you please send me the software? Thanks

Por favor necesito el software widex compass que no sea para GPS para mi audifono.

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Hi. I need the Widex Compass program for my headphones. Let’s see if someone can help me.
Thank you

Hola. Necesito el programa Widex Compass para mis audiofonos. A ver si alguien me puede ayudar.


Yo tambien

Thanks for trying to help @romysanmiguel. But GiopianoHA was looking for the software in March 2013. That’s (5 years ago)! So don’t you think he may have found it by now, or given up? Yo también/same here for augustomauricio1212 who already has the software.

Things have changed and this is an old thread. Look here instead;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

I could send Widex Compass V5 if the moderator considers acceptable

This is an old obsolete thread. I would like to suggest that you post requests for software on the main software sharing thread, this one;
How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY].

There you will find the majority of software readily available, except for some that are shown in red as deteriorated links. But don’t lose hope because you will also find a community sharing procedure for deteriorated links.