Widex Passion

Any reviews on this new hearing aid

it should be a good instrument…

alhouth the audibility extender is something it had not been favorably

review at all.

I am a first time ha user so I have no reference point. I have moderate loss in left ear across the board and hf loss in both ears. I am starting out trying the Passion in left ear only, and it makes a notable difference for me in terms of what I hear in conversations, music, etc. It feels and sounds very natural. After two and a half days I hardly notice it is there, although if I remove it I am quickly reminded of what I miss. Kind of makes me wonder if I should consider the right ear to make up the hf. - George

generally you should…
what was your audi recomendation…

She did not seem to offer a strong recommendation to get both, and at the co$t involved I’d be reluctant anyway. I finally went in for tests, and aids at my families encouragement, so this was not a move I was thrilled about. Also two things to fool around with is just twice the hassle. That said I imagine that these units are about as good as they get. The clarity is excellent, the battery rating is longer than the competition, number of channels for tuning to my case etc. I do not think I would be as happy with products available a year ago.

I left it with the audi that I would use the one for a while and if two seemed in order down the road I would consider it then. - George

I am getting two of them tomorrow. I use the Diva in both ears now. I will post my opinion soon.

Day three with the Passion’s:

Better directional awareness
Sound response seems faster
Diva batteries lasted two days, I am on day three with these (I was told to expect 5-7 Days)
I thought positioning would be a problem at first, but after the first two tries it’s a non issue
Optional anchor is a necessity for me
I wear glasses full time and it is not an issue
Stay tuned!

I have had mine for three weeks. Also need the anchor with the open fit ear tip. They seem to get better each week, batteries last 7 days with no problem-10-14 hrs dailiy. I also wear glasses with no apparent problem I can’t fiond a negative aboput them Was wearing cic for 4 years and these blow them away in noisy situations, movies and music.

Two weeks and I remain happy. I have an open fit and initially they popped out constantly. Went to longer wire and larger dome thingy and they stay in pretty well. Periodically I will touch the wire to nudge it in but otherwise ok.

As a first time user I have no baseline for comparison. That said I am pleased with improved understanding at a noisy dinner party, clarity and range of music, etc. I guess the question will be when I get one for the right ear (which is almost ok except for hf). - George

I forgot to add, I have kept it in typically 15+ hrs a day and changed the battery each Monday morning so the claim of 125 hours seems reasonable. This was an issue comparing it with the Oticon Delta as I did not want to find myself without power. George

George, can you please post the hearing thresholds for your right ear? Thanks

My last test indicated the following:

250 - right 15 left 20
500 - right 20 left 25
750 - right 20 left 30
1000 - right 15 left 30
1500 - right 10 left 30
2000 - right 10 left 25
3000 - right 20 left 40
4000 - right 50 left 60
6000 - right 50 left 50
8000 - right 40 left 55

Day five and I am very impressed. I am on a two week trial but they look like keepers to me.

Anyone using the remote? Comments?

Got the remote today. Three optional settings and volume control. All settings can be done together or L & R. Batteries are lasting 5 days at 15 hours per day. Clarity in multiple noise situations and directional awarness distinguish these form all the others I have used. I have a few days left of the trial and I am still impressed!

I was asked if I wanted the remote but did not want one more thing to fuss with so I declined. I’d be interested to know how you find yourself using it on a day to day basis. Also if someone with the same HA makes an adjustment and you are next to them can change their settings as well?

I’m using the ear tip open domes (very minimal) and after getting the larger size (as well as a longer wire, #3) it stays nicely in place. Still impressed. - George

I also got the larger domes yesterday and it is helping them stay in place. The remote is programed to the exact aids you have so it is not changed by other remotes. I have only used it for one day and I do not theink I will use it on a daily basis. I will take it to the movies and theater as well as anyplace I expect a high level of background noise. I will post again afer a few days of use.

I finally received my Widex Passion today. First impression? The whistling drives me nuts. I tuck my hair behind my ear and every time my hand comes close to the aid, there is a terrible whistling sound. Is that normal? Can the HIS adjust that?? :confused:

Apart from that, when it comes to comfort, it’s awesome. IMPOSSIBLe to tell it’s there! However, my ear canal is so tiny that even the smallest dome can barely go in.

And I can HEAR!! All kinds of sounds!!! :smiley:

Hi Laura, When I first arrived home with it and walked across the gravel driveway I was blown away by the vivid crunch. I find I hear lots that I previously missed.

I grew my hair a bit in anticipation of wanting to cover the HA so I often push my hair back over-behind the ears. I get the whistling feedback often when I do this as well as the SCRAPING of my fingers over the microphones (sure know it is working). Otherwise I forget it is there. Last night I took it out and thought I’d lost it for several minutes. Pulled the cushions off the sofa, enlisted my boys to search, then found I’d forgotten and put it back in - Doh!

Cheers, George

Been using them for about month. Can’t really find any fault with them. Great in noisy situations as well as quiet on on one.