Widex Moment losing Bluetooth connection to iPhone

I use Widex Moment hearing aids and frequently lose the Bluetooth connection to my iPhone. It’s easy enough to get back —either I restart the phone or toggle the Bluetooth switch.
Is this a problem with my hearing aids or the iPhone?

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I have an iPhone 11 and Moment 440 (about 2 months old)
So far I haven’t experienced your problem - except sometimes when streaming when a 5 degree change of head angle reconnects.
Not sure this helps, except to tell you that not everybody experiences it.
Just about to update iPhone to IOS16 - keeping my fingers crossed!

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Ellenb18, what version of iOS is installed on the iPhone, and what model of iPhone do you have?
Thanks, Paul

I have an iPhone Xr
And have ios15.6.1 (I’m afraid to update to the latest version!)

@ellenb18 I have just updated my iPhone 11 to IOS 16.0.2 and all seems to have gone well.
I have now discovered that you can access the iPhone equivalent of the Widex app from the lock screen.
This means you can change the program, volume, bass and treble on that. You can make changes but not save them.

ellenb18, I have an iPhone 2020 SE and currently my iOS is on version 15.1
My iPhone has no problems connecting to my Widex Moment 330 HAs when I bring the iPhone close to the HAs, and after that the (mFI) connection is very stable all day. If I go out of range of the iPhone, reconnection takes place seamlessly.

The Widex app on the iPhone has a large number of tips about how to ensure connection to the HAs.
The only time I had problems was when I had mFI connection set up on both my iPad and on my iPhone. This confused the HAs when the iPad and the iPhone were in the same room. I fixed this by telling the iPad to forget about the HAs connection.
Now that wlclifmcc reports that iOS 16 connection is working OK, I will upgrade my iPhone to iOS 16 and let you know what happens.
It is strange that Widex Moment HAs connection is not working well for you as the majority of reported poor Moment connections are for Android phones, not iPhones.

This is common for MFi Aids. They can only reliably work with one device.

You are right. This is sometimes related to competing devices but not all the time. It often occurs outside when the competing devices are not present.

Thank you all for replying,

I have an appointment with my audiologist this week to see what she thinks.

ellenb18, I just remembered that there are 2 levels of Bluetooth connectivity to my Moment HAs.
Level 1 is connectivity between the HAs and the Widex Moment app on my iPhone so I can do HA control things like adjust the volume, change between programs (e.g. Universal and Music), check the battery charge level in the HAs, etc. This works well for me with no loss of connectivity.
Level 2 is connectivity so I can do things like listen to phone calls, listen to Internet podcasts and listen to the music player on my iPhone. I do get problems in connectivity at this level where sound in 1 HA gets distorted or drops out from both HAs, depending on where in my clothing I am carrying my iPhone. This happens when I am carrying my iPhone in a trouser pocket or in a tote bag.
Do you get connectivity problems at both Level 1 and Level 2, or just at Level 2?

Thought they both use LE Bluetooth?

Is there really a level 1 connection and level 2 connection?

Sorry, Level 1 and Level 2 connections are just my self-invention classification system for 2 different aspects of the mFI Bluetooth connectivity from the iPhone to my HAs
What I have experienced is that connectivity for the purpose of controlling my HAs (e.g. turning the sound volume up and down, switching between the different standard hearing aid programs,etc) is rock solid but connectivity for the purpose of listening to audible sounds (e.g. music, podcasts) sent from my iPhone to my HAs can have issues such as distortion or dropouts.

I totally agree. The problem only happens when I am steaming.

My audiologist says that it’s a “known issue with Widex” so that’s something new.

@ellenb18 Suggest you update to IOS 16.0.2 and see if there is an improvement?
Apple do seem to be moving more towards the “hearing” part of the market

I’ll do that. I was reluctant to upgrade because every upgrade seems to bring ion new issues but I’ll try it now. Thanks.

My iPhone keeps disconnecting from my Oticon More1 so it must be an iOS issue.

I just bought an iPhone 14, upgraded from my iPhone 12 and am now running iOS 16.0.3. My Widex Moment 440 HA pair and connect via Bluetooth in the Accessibility settings but whenever I turn BT off and then want to use it again later I have to turn off and on my HA and restart the pairing each time. That is ok if I want to listen to an audiobook or podcast but not if I take a phone call and turn BT on. This problem never happened with my previous iPhone running iOS 15 and earlier. Can anyone help me? I have had these HA for almost 1.5 years and have had the usual intermittent connectivity problems but never with the phone not recognizing my HA. I have already done the “forget this device,” turned the phone off and on, etc.

I have the same exact problem.

While it’s easy to get the connection back, it’s annoying! Especially when I’ve answered a call only to discover I lost the connection to my hearing aids.

I think it’s a hearing aid issue—not an iPhone issue.
But that’s just my intuition.