Widex Evoke Fusion2 Programming


I just bought an Widex Evoke Fusion 2 online and It is coming programing with my actual audiogram but I would like to be able to program the device in the future when I need it.

I downloaded the Compass GPS 2.4 program but I think this software is not working with EVOKE. Where can I get the Software updated?
Where can I get the hardware to do it?

Thank you for your help.



I bought all my hardware off eBay.

  1. Install Compass GPS 2.4
  2. Restart Windows in order to start the Compass Updater
  3. Find the Updater in your Sys tray and upgrade to Compass 3.1
  4. Read the Widex: paragraph at the bottom of the (OP/Original Post) in the link below;

How to find Fitting Software to Program Your Hearing Aids [DIY]

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Thank you for the answers.
What is the most economic way to connect the widex evoke to the pc?

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What is the cheapest way to program the evoke?

I mean what should I need to buy to connect the compass gps from the pc to the widex evoke

I guess it means whatever way you can get hold of as they are not widely available.

You need a wireless programming device that is accepted/approved by Widex Compass GPS and Widex is by no means, following industry standards for programming devices. Oh, re-read the Widex: paragraph. I modified it recently.

I hesitate to do this because things keep changing all the time. But maybe I should repeat the Widex: paragraph here for clarity;

Widex: COMPASS V5 fitting software is for hearing aid families prior to Widex DREAM platform. COMPASS GPS fitting software is for programming the DREAM family of hearing aids (or later), which can only be programmed wirelessly using Widex PRO LINK, Widex USB Link, or nEARCom.

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Thank you for your reply and sorry for my english.

Where can I find the devices like USB link, Pro link or nEarcom?

Yes eBay. eBay. eBay. eBay.

Hi Christian

Did you manage to solve the update and programming?
I would like to program myself as well, but i am having a little trouble finding the compass GPS download link.

Could you let me know where have you found the download link?

thank you

Does anyone know what is the difference between Widex Prolink and Remote Link devices? Since they are both connect to the HAs wireless for programming the former locally and the latter remotely , can somebody use the Remote Link instead of the Pro Link for local programming?

hi gyus please need your help . what do i need to connect widex evoke cables?
thank you

you need a widex usb link - Its a large neck worn loop which connects the hearing aid to the software

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The widex PRO LINK is the one for Evoke, as it’s much easier and more convenient then cables.


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You need the Widex Pro Link. I got mine off of EBay. Prices vary a lot. Verify that it’s in the original box or at least has all the parts,
Then you’ll need to install the newest version of Compass GPS to support the newer HAs. The copy you have should let you check for and install the latest version.
After that, when you do try to link the hardware, you will need to update the Pro Link firmware. It prompts you and the update is very straight forward.

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I recently found the widex pro link on ebay and I’m no looking for a copy of the Compass software.
Do you know where I can locate it? Or could someone send me a version?

It pops up occasionally on eBay. I’m not sure you can just copy it, though. It’s on an actual Widex disc and the ones you’ll find online are down level and need to be updated to the newer versions to be compatible with the newer HAs, so it likely has a unique identifier to prevent multiple instances. I don’t know what the actual licensing terms are, but it seems to be controlled or there would be copies available all over.
I snagged it when I saw it pop up since it was harder to find and then waited for a Pro Link to pop up to get it.
I must have made 40 minor adjustments with it and tried different programs, so it paid for itself quickly both in money but more so in time spent on appointments. I saved screen shots of the original settings and kept notes on the minimal adjustments I made so I could reverse any tweaks that made it worse.