Why can I hear soft sounds with hearing aids, but not soft voices?

I’ve only been wearing HAs for about a month and just went back to audi for second time. She made some real good advances towards helping me understand spoken words.

What I can’t understand is how I can now hear the clock in the kitchen from 5’ away (never knew it made ticking sounds) but can’t hear words from a soft spoken person. They surely are talking louder than the clock ticks.

Take a look at the link I am placing in this post. It is called the hearing banana chart for hearing it will help you understand the issues if you overlay your audigram on the chart. You can also google hearing banana charts that have most of the other sounds showed too.

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Thanks for posting the link. My audi overheard me explaining to my wife about the speech banana when I saw it on here screen. I knew about it from this forum. She also explain it in little more detail. I just barely have a sliver of the banana in my audiogram.

So low talkers or soft spoken people are in the banana but the clock is not.

your hearing aids should boost your hearing up in to the area that you can here most of speech. I also have issue with soft spoken people, and any one that english isn’t there native language. You may need to have a few more adjustments to help you more.
What I do is keep a journal of what sounds good and what isn’t sounding right.
I write down everything I can think of that could help my Audi set my aids up to help me understand speech. I just had my hearing test yesterday, and I had emailed my notes to my Audi a couple of weeks ago. My Audi used the notes to customize the hearing test, then he made a few minor adjustments to my aids. Then we discussed what aids I am going to get in about 3 weeks. The aids I have now are really the best I have ever had but they cannot be fully adjusted to my target prescription, so I am getting new aids. What I have now is Oticon OPN1 ITE aids, and I am going to Oticon OPNS1-MiniRite-R aids with custom ear molds.
I am a Veteran and I get my aids from the VA and the system as really been great to me. My hearing loss is due to my Navy service.


I have been making notes in my phone to tell the audi. This seems to be a very important part of getting the aids set correctly. Emailing ahead is a very good idea, might save some time. I spent 2hrs there last visit and when I came out she had two waiting, she seems to be very patient and wants to help I think.

With the VA they have appointments scheduled every 30 minutes, and I have learned to make the best of the time. I have emailed my notes in before, and then go in for my appointment and my Audi has already pulled up my aids on his system and made the needed adjustments that he could make. He connects my aids to the system and uploads the changes to my aids. The longest time I spend there was when he had to updated the firmware in my aids, the connectclip, and the TV connect, that was time consuming.

You didn’t say what brand of HA. If yours have Sound recover that may help a bit, but with most of your loss being outside of the banana it might be difficult be a difficult ask. As the others have said go well prepared to appointments with a list of issues you need adjusting…
Good luck.

I’m in a 45 day trial with the Widex moments, not sure what they use for speech recovery, if any.

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