Where to buy Phonak Roger On

Hi all. I have decided I want one. Probably need one for gatherings.

Here in the UK the in version seems to be the same price everywhere with no deals.

Using eBay there is ‘refurb’ availability at pretty much same as new price or empty of licences with the saving being small once receivers and the installer are added.

Has anyone found a deal? Even a small saving would help.

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Have no idea if this place is cheaper but you won’t have to pay VAT.

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@SteveCh On ebay they do come and go at good prices, see link below showing"Sold items", which will give you a good idea of prices, bearing in mind that the Roger on is new to the market and supplies are scarce.


@kevels55 might have a better experience in buying on ebay and how the roger licenses work, maybe worth asking him for an input.

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You have to shop around, and ultimately keep an eye on eBay, the good deals don’t last long @SteveCh, so check a few times each day, I got the Roger On, via eBay for, £299, seller was a cash converter store, came with all the cables, and the docking station, managed to get another Roger X (type 03) for £89. I had one already for a Roger Pen, I got a got a couple of years ago, in comparison to the Roger On, the Roger Pen is woeful, my first Roger X was £375 from Boots, I was robbed :rofl: If you are buying your Roger X from eBay, you have to check with the seller, some early versions won’t work with Marvel or Paradise aids, so please make sure the serial number is above 1744, before you buy! It’s better to buy Roger X (type 02) though, they are more expensive, again check the serial number, but the Educational (02) work with all Roger devices, but at £600 a pop new, rather extortionate! I have 3 (02) receivers now, plus 2 x (03) bought a pair of (02) for £400, and the 3rd was a snip at £56 and it was only 6 months old, the Phonak retail packaging comes with a manufacturer date stamp… :upside_down_face: you will need a Phonak A.uD to install the Licenses into your Marvel or Paradise aids, I have this installer myself, it’s called a Roger Installer, takes about 5 minutes to do this…. I got the Roger Installer from eBay in Korea for around £160, counting postage, but the price has gone up since then! Tis a bit of a faff to get all the gear, and expensive, patience is a virtue, but once you know what you are doing, and what to buy, you are good to go, and kinda future proof, I have 3 sets of aids, 2 x Marvels, 1 x Paradise, I can swap my Roger X receivers around, unfortunately you can’t mix them, by that I mean (02) in one aid and (03) in the other, technically you can, but I believe they will only work with one aid? I think I read somewhere the Paradise aids have 2 slots in each aid, one for (02) and 1 for (03)? you can easily uninstall the Licenses back into the receivers, then reinstall into a different set of aids, to me it was a no brainier to get a Roger Installer, although you have to keep updating notes of what is where, but each License can only be returned to their original Roger X…. Sounds slightly complicated, but in actual fact it’s a fairly simple process…. Good Luck in your quest Steve…… and thank you @Baltazard …. Cheers Kev :wink:

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Thanks guys. Yes I had come to the conclusion that on without the in is the affordable route alongside collecting receivers but my chain audi will not install licences from elsewhere so I will need an installer too.

I have P90s and weekend fiddling using the speech enhancer on max in the ‘mask’ program has ‘fixed’ TV sound for me although I do have an eBay TV streamer too (my LG TV has an annoying either/or menu for optical out or TV speaker and the headphone output also mutes the speakers so the streamer dictates a silent room).

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That’s downright weird, or somewhat a coincidence…. Been working for the last few days on the sound settings on an LG TV, just a small 28 inch smart one, I bought new, for my small office set up, I have created at the other end of our kitchen, I wanted a better monitor for the CCTV Radio system I installed, also for terrestrial TV, and a Fire Stick, which has probably every sporting TV channel I had installed from around the world? Back to the sound system on the LG, there is plenty to choose from, and because it’s only me that’s watching this TV, I have TV Connector 2 via the TOSLINK audio out connection, Toslink and TV speaker’s seemed to be creating a slight annoying echo on my Naida P90’s, I am aware you can adjust this in the Phonak app via a sound slider, but the app just irks me when it’s playing up, so I deleted it! So far the best setting’s on the TV for me is Standard, and Toslink only in the sound output, the Roger On is slightly superior than the TV connector, but I am loathe to use this piece of kit as TV connector on a full time basis, so later on today I will try the Roger Inspiro, which has also excellent sound quality? Cheers Kev :wink:

Mine is a 55 inch OLED and the ‘sound out’ menu is a set of options, only one of which can be active at once.

So I use the TV2/optical if alone and the Phonak Mask programme with Speech Enhancer set to max (P90) with the speakers (in standard) when with others. I also have the setting on that levels the inputs so swapping to apps doesn’t cause a massive shift.

I may get an optical splitter and a powered speaker.

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It’s good to see that Target makes it easy to see if aids have receivers in and which type. I’m chasing local for sale ads and will take laptop to check as the odd ‘empty’ on/in comes up too.

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If I see anything for sale I think you may be interested in, I will let you know @SteveCh via PM… On the LG TV sound front, I seem to have solved the echo problem, although I am a bit like a dog with a bone, I don’t give in easily :upside_down_face: I couldn’t find a viable solution for the Toslink to the Roger Inspiro, the optical out doesn’t work with older tech like the Inspiro… So I reinstalled the My Phonak app on my iPhone, seems to be connecting quicker nowadays to my Naida P90’s? Connected my Phonak TV Connector 2 via Toslink, switched on the LG TV, configured the sound to be set as standard, output TV Speaker & Toslink, connected to the TV connector, still an echo, fired up the app on my iPhone, once connected , TV Connector + mic 1 will appear in the app screen, bottom right hand corner, with 3 lines, and a dot on each line, press that, move the balance slider all the way across to TV, we were now cooking with gas, and no echo! Apologies if you know all this, I am just walking anyone else through the set up, whom may have the TV connector… Cheers Kev :wink:

Thank you. I’m stuck with my TV model. Seems daft but that’s the way the settings menu works. Either or. Just looking at toslink splitter and external powered speaker.

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I have that set up on another 40” LG TV in my Pool :8ball:room, I converted my brick built garage into a Pool room, only took me a couple of years mainly on my own:upside_down_face:, it’s self contained, and it has a proper drinks bar, kitchen, toilet, shower, and a log burner…. anyway, I used Toslink splitter to my sound bar, and the other end to another TV connector 2, that works…. On the Roger Inspiro front, I have ordered a Toslink, digital to analog converter, in the fond hope this will convert the sound signal to analog out (to the older tech) via a 3.5 plug on the converter, we shall see in due course once it arrives? Cheers Kev :wink:

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Question for you as a Roger hoarder ;).

Can you buy a Select in, load the licences into aids and then retrieve those same licences into an On? I think you should be able to but…

Musing over buying a used, loaded Select and then reselling it minus the licences. Buying an empty On and considering how to meet the need to retrieve the licences if (when) I upgrade the aids……

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You can’t load the licenses in to a Roger On if it came from the Select but you can use both an On and Select and only one of them needs to be a iN version.

Even if you had a Roger On iN, you won’t be able to load the licenses in from the Select iN into the On iN as the On iN will already contain licenses.

Once you get the licenses in from 1 x iN device, you can use any Roger Microphones that work with the 03 receivers as the iN devices have 03 receivers inside of it to be installed into your hearing aids.


This should work tho if you buy used without licenses and then install into the On.


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The way I see it, and has functioned for me. From whichever device you offload the licence on to your HA’s from, you can then connect any other Roger device to those HA’s. E.g.

My new P90 UP-675’s have the licence from my Roger On In, and my old Roger Select and Roger Pen II are both able to connect to the new HA’s (not at the same time).

And my old V90 UP-675 which have the Roger batter X3 modules on both, can connect to my new Roger On In without pushing the new license from the Roger On In onto the old HA’s (although the paperwork and the Target software say they are not compatible, but function perfectly fine).

So yes, If you buy the Roger Select In and link the licences to your HA’s you can connect the Roger On to your HA’s (but only I can function at a time, you have to re-connect each time you switch, which is what I currently do).

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They can connect all at the same time. You connect the On to your Aids and then the Roger Pen (I’ve never heard of the Roger Pen II) to the On and the Select to the On. They all will send the signal to your Aids Altho only one Mic is connected to your Aids.

You basically have to press the connect button on the On near your Pen and Select (not at same time) to connect each. Make sure your Aids are not in range.

The is not the right Roger Mics but this still shows the correct way of linking each Mic. The Roger Pen in the video is your main Roger like the Roger On.

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@Zebras Curious, why do you need to pair the different rogers together?

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Just a slight technical point here @BrBarry, you cannot connect to all Roger devices with a type (03) license, you can connect to most, but not all…. The only license that allows you to connect to all devices is I believe the educational type (02), I have certain Roger devices, touchscreen, Inspiro’s, Roger pass around the mic, they only work with the type (02)…. Cheers Kev :wink:

With more than one speaker, at say a lecture you might want more than one device @Baltazard :wink:

That is true, you can daisy-chain. I have tried this setup with the Select as a table mic and the Roger On In on the presenter. You need to mute one to get the audio to stream from the other.

But still only 1 can be directly connected to your HA’s at a time.

Yeah probably wrong title, Roger Pen 1.1 as named in Target.