What is the expected battery lifetime of Phonak Roger Select?

Hi can anybody give me an idea about the life of Roger Select as they use lithium batteries. Any rough estimate as they are very costly.

I seem to use mine for about 1 or 2 hour intervals and not every day. Charge lasts about 7 to 10 hours. So I charge mine about once a week or so. Someone else may use theirs all day every day and charge every night. Full recharge takes about 2 hours. Many 5 year old Roger pens seem to still be working fine. The batteries may or may not be replaceable by Phonak or others. My rough estimate is that by the time the select battery needs to be replaced there will be newer and better devices to get for less money. Or not.


I believe this. My Pen that I got in 2013 is still going strong and I can be using it literally all day.

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If you don’t need all-day use, you can get longer battery lifespan out of a Li-ion battery device by not charging it to completion. Don’t know if you can tell the relative % of charge but it’s said, for example, thatt if you don’t charge above 80%, that you can effectively double the # of charge cycles your device can go through (Lenovo and HP laptops used to offer the ability to limit charge to the % of full you specified, for example).

On a lot of my Li-ion-powered devices, since I’m around home a lot and don’t use any one device all day, I keep my charge in the range of 30% to 60%. It’s particularly easy to do with wireless charging. Put my Samsung Galaxy watch on its charging stand and just say, “Echo, set a watch charging timer to xxx min”). I don’t need to be looking at my watch every minute of the day and that charging policy helps me make a $350 watch last for many years without having to worry about daily usage progressively failing from the battery dying. Electric vehicles employ such managed charging schemes since you don’t want to be paying the $$$$ to replace your hybrid vehicle battery any time soon.

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