What is latest firmware version for Oticon Opn? (Not the Opn S)

Wondering what the latest firmware version is for Opticon OPN1 hearing aids? Last update I got was last spring to v6 I believe. I’ve read v8 is out, but it was mentioned for OPN S and not sure if it also applies to OPN 1 (the previous generation to the OPN S)

That depends on the aids. My ITE OPN1 aids 6.1 is the latest. Most with MiniRite aids it is 7.0

I now use OPN S 1 aids as of August 2019 - my older OPN 1 mini-RITE devices were sent to Oticon USA in September 2019 for repair and cleaning and so on.

They were returned to me on 1 October 2019 with different serial numbers. My provider updated the firmware on that date prior to installing the programming. The update was to Software 6.1, Firmware au2cs3fw5.16.1 according to the older ON app that reported that info. I don’t know if there is a further update for my OPN 1 devices as I don’t yet have a programing device to use with the Oticon firmware update program (part of Genie 2). Other members of the forum who have a programming device and software may be able to give you more up-to-date information.

On the same date, the firmware in my OPN S 1 miniRITE devices was updated to Software 8.0, Firmware auroafw7.6.2 according to the older ON app. The current ON app on iOS (2.0.1) reports only 8.0 along with the serial number of the OPN S 1.

I have Genie 2 2019.2 and it has the 6.1 firmware for my OPN 1 miniRITE.

It may have newer firmware versions for the OPN S, but for the OPN 1 miniRITE, it is 6.1.

I just did a “check update” on my Genie software install and it says that there’s no new update found.

But for the last several versions of Genie 2, I usually heard about a newer Genie 2 version before the update was made available on the official site, so I had to download the early release version from whatever site they became available early on. The 2019.2 was downloaded from the Oticon UK site. The version before that was from the Oticon Canada site. The Oticon USA site tends to release it later than the other sites from abroad.

My Audi told me on January 6st that the MiniRite aids can go to version 7.0. Now is that all of the mini rite aids I do not know.

Current version of the OPN1 Mini RITE is 6.1 using Genie 2 2019.2. My pair came back from Oticon yesterday (1/10/20) as 6.1 (the same version they were submitted for repair), so I don’t think they have a new version for internal use or repairs either.

Just going by what I was told by my Audi. I know my ITE OPN1 aids are 6.1

When did 6.1 get released?

Oticon OPN Firmware 6.1 was released concurrently with the Genie 2 2019.2 update, around August 2019 as I recall.

I have had the OPN 2 since 2017, last had them programmed in 12/18, but the audi didn’t think there was a reason to upgrade the firmware.at the time to version 5. She said the only difference between version 4 and version 5 was the Hearing Fitness program or unless I bought a Connect Clip. I was thinking about getting one, but never did. So I’m way off on my firmware version by still being on version 4. I’m having them re-programmed tomorrow. I’ll make sure the firmware is updated.

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My audiologist confirmed latest firmware for OPN1 is 6.1.

How can I find out which firmware version I have in my Oticon OPNs? Through the Oticon ON app on my iPhone? Where?
Thanks for your help…

Just open the ON app, click “hearing aid” (bottom right), then click on each hearing aid link

Many thanks, @e1405!
I see that I’m at 6.0, which might explain some of the Bluetooth linking problems I’ve been having ever since iOS 13. Time for a visit to my (almost useless) audiologist.