What functions are available on the myPhonak app?

What options are available on this app. Can i change programs? Can I change volume of Roger? Can i mute ha ? I can’t seem to test it till i get ha. thanks

Good question, I don’t have it myself but looking at the play store, it shows both programs and volume can be changed, plus frequencies as well, I can’t comment on Rodger, but @Zebras would be able to confirm this for you.

The application has several options, you can have 4 settings for your hearing aids with different programming, have two connected bluetooth devices such as mobiles and tablets.
TV connection I think two too.
Bluetooth connections can configure the listening mode, that is, you can configure to listen more to your environment or you can listen more to your device and less to the people around you.
There is also information on the use of your hearing aids, the time of use, the noise zones in which you are, etc.
But I also tell you that the application has to be polished more, since it fails a lot.


What programs are available is depending on what’s enabled while programming HAs.

As a default you’ll have autosense (poor design is that you have to edit it in order to see in which mode it’s now), any program which is additional (like your 3 custom ones, eg tcoil, 360 etc), plus music, restaurant, tv as preset values of ** only available in the app.

Other programs* show only when you have other devices available (like tv connector, roger etc).

Yes you can mute them, and you also can unlink them and change volume separately beside regular volume change (small vertical line button below the volume slider).

However behavior of that volume change for * programs depends. Sometimes it means reducing HA mic volume and not increase gain of the device. That part isn’t clear, even for me who is DIY.

** There is a button to edit programs (bottom right), but only autosense basically, so no * type ones.
It works with HA mic, and you can adjust bass, mid, treble, noise cancelling, directionality, volume, and dynamic (decrease loud, increase soft) or you can just pick one of the two presets at the very top - clarity or comfort

But once again, this menu isn’t available for any * program.

Instead you get the ability to use more or less HA mics vs that direct input of sound: tv connector, roger, partner mic, bt streaming (that’s media, can be music or speech, phonak is guessing but you won’t see in app which he does) and probably bt calls (I didn’t check during the call).

I would very much like to have more ability to change settings on the fly for this * programs. Because for example there aren’t the same requirements when I listen podcast in the quiet home and on the busy street (if you have open fit). That part I’ve solved by using ear protectors over the HAs (ok, that’s not most comfortable for long term, so I bought the ones that sits on top of the entrance of the ear canal, but ability to do that depends on the hardware in your ear)

And then on top right menu, under my HAs you have stats (basically just average h/day since last visit to the fitter, and it says the date, so maybe useful), and under BT ability to change between fixed and adaptive (if you don’t have any issues with quality of BT connection, you won’t go there)

If your fitter enables/uses it, diary and remote support are there to find. Mine doesn’t, so I just see it and am prompted to open the account and use invite links given by my fitter.

Overall, useful app to a degree. It doesn’t save anything permanently in the HA, it’s only on the fly adjustments.

You also have ability to save those adjustments made from autosense and give it a name. They will be erased next time you visit your fitter and they make any change. Idea behind it is that you can save what worked for you under a name that probably reminds you of situation when you needed it and then you go over that with your fitter to adjust autosense programs.

Like you don’t have to wait for weeks for the next appointment with bad sound, you are given the ability to work around it.

One thing that will probably drive you crazy is time it takes to connect to the aids. It’s not slow, it’s worse :joy:

In my case it was definitely faster when I just started, so it gave me an idea to reset the app, because maybe adding and removing aids during trial didn’t clean up it really. Will report on that after I test it.

Oh, and pairing HAs through that app gives you only ability to use the app, so adjust the HAs. (that makes BT LE connection on android)
In order to stream to the HAs, you have to pair them in the phone BT settings (regular BT).

Shoot if you have more questions :wink:


The app won’t allow you to change the EasyGain or AdaptiveGain of the Roger but it’ll allow you to change the volume of your HA programs and if you are in the Roger program, then it’ll change the Roger program.


It is a good program with a few bugs. It can do a lot so much I will just mention two. It allows you to change the high middle and base to adapt to the environment you are in. It allows you to save these changes to use again. This is a great feature if you get stuck in a tricky hearing situation. It also helps when talking to the audiologists about adjustments. One other thing is it allows for remote meetings with your audiologists. In the age of Covid 19 it is nice to have. The audiologists can make remote tune ups to your hearing aids so you do not have to go to the office. It is a nice feature that is becoming more common feature for hearing aids. You have to set it up with the audiologists. There are videos also available that really explain the pros and con of the program and show what it can do. They are located on YouTube. It also has a demo mode that can show you the features it has. You will have to uninstall it and install it again if you decide to use it with your hearing aids. I used the app when I was trying out the Marvels. There is a lot to like about the app and its abilities and some areas it really needs to improve. I hope this is helpful to you and you get a lot of enjoyment and usefulness from this app.

I just had the phonak app installed on my HA and was playing around with the settings.
I saved a few sets and now I see that I have 3 custom programs.
How can I delete some of the custom programs that I set up by mistake?
Do I have to delete the app or something else?

I think you have to go under top right menu, my aids, then programs and then long click on the one you want to delete. Or somewhere there.

Also, they’re going to be deleted at your next fitting appointment, no matter how small change they make. So if you want to keep some info, make screenshots :slight_smile:

I can’t find where you can delete.

I found out how to do it. Here’s the instructions.
To remove a customized scenario in the app, follow these steps:
a.Go to the “My Hearing Aids” section in the app
b.Go to “My Programs” and select the custom scenario which shall be deleted
c.Delete the custom scenario on the detail page
I hope this helps others

User_Guide_myPhonak_app_3.0.1_297x210_EN_V1.03.pdf (3.0 MB)

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