Wearing hearing aids to bed

Just wondering, do any of you wear your hearing aids to bed?

I do when I’m not sleeping at home.

I have two sets of ear moulds tho to help not get ear infections.

I wear BTEs. I don’t think RICs would survive as well but could be wrong?


No. Never.

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I do, I wear BTE Signias and have been wearing to bed for about 5 years. I wear newer, rechargeable pair (C&G Pure 7AX) during the day and my older battery-powered pair (Pure Nx7) at night.
Makes me feel safer (I have slept through a hotel evacuation when I did not hear the fire alarm) and keeps me available for ‘pillow-talk’ (wink, wink, nod, nod). I have custom ear molds and use a soft silicon pair for the sleep aids.
I did discuss this with an otologist before I started sleeping with HAs and he did not have any concern with that.

On the rare occasions when I have to wake up at an unusually early hour I might wear my back-up HAs with disposable batteries to bed while my regular rechargeable HAs are on the charger. That way I can be sure I’ll hear my phone’s alarm.

Wear mine every night.
I use the tinnitus program. That helps me fall asleep.

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I don’t due to it being painful.


Signia Actives every night with Tinnitis HQ app running. Can’t sleep without it.

I tried BTEs but had to search for them every morning.

I haven’t but sounds like a good idea. I’m never without my hearing aids during the day. It might help me sleep at night. Ill try it.

No. Your aids and your ears need to air out. But then I’m married and my wife can wake me if I need to shoot an intruder


I don’t need to hear when I’m a sleep, nor do I want noises to wake me up. And since I’m a side sleeper, my RICs would be buried in the pillow one side at a time… not a good situation. So, nope, not me.

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Get a flashing/bouncing alarm clock?

Only when I was in the hospital with my mother. For someone who required around the clock care while she was there, it was important for me to hear what the nurses or doctors were saying.

At home specifically, only if I’m watching the little ones. Otherwise they stay off.


I have an old pair of Resound Linx aids with power domes that I wear at night to stream books from an old iPhone!! I do not need them to hear alarms or phones but LOVE listening to books in bed. I sometimes have trouble sleeping and will play a book most of the night. Only downside is when battery goes out in the middle of the night!! I have to turn the light on to replace it!
Have new rechargeable Signias for daytime wear.

I can’t even lie or semi on my side with head against a pillow - they just scream. I guess I rest laying on my back, relaxing or listening to music but not bed, sleep perse.

I have one with a vibrating pad that goes under the mattress.

Newer aids with a closed fit do not feedback like that.

I’m a (recently) retired caregiver. Sometimes I accompanied individuals on vacations / weekend getaways. On those occasions I slept with my hearing aids in to better ensure that I would know if they needed assistance in the night. Occasionally, I have dozed off wearing them in the afternoon. Otherwise I take them out.

No! I can’t hear much at night, because I sleep with my “good” ear in the pillow. I can’t hear the alarm clock, but I CAN “hear” my wife’s elbow!

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