Wax build up, how often is safe to clean ears?

Does anyone know how often is safe to clean ears when using HA’s. I do it once a week, but I think twice would be better but I don’t want to harm my ear if too much cleaning would do that.

I know HA’s can push the wax back in and it’s a constant headache. I’m trying not to see the doctor every time to clean ears, it’s not a walk in and get it done, it’s a recap of my medical information, then weighing in, then taking blood pressure, then wait in office, so I’m trying to keep them clear on my own.

I have used q-tips in my ears 2-3 times a day for the last 45+ years. I can’t even imagine cleaning your ear only once or twice a week. No Dr. required.

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Wow! 2-3 times a day. It just depends on how much each of us builds up wax.

There is another thread on using ear wax cleaning supplies available from your local pharmacy or Walmart. Maybe it would help you to read this.


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It’s not for wax so much as for sweat and moisture. I don’t like damp ears.

I q-tip my ears every morning when I come out of the shower. Have done as long as I can remember. When I had my hearing checked just over a month ago, the audiologist told me I had no wax buildup whatsoever.

You should never use Q-tips in your ears. Firstly you could do permanent damage to your ear drums. Secondly you can add cotton fibers to any wax already there and push both deeper in the ear canal. That will make them much more difficult for your medical practitioner to fix.
You could try using wax removal drops to soften the wax and allow it to work it’s way out naturally. Unfortunately this can be problematic for HA users. Some will require syringing or suctioning by a qualified professional.

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An ENT doctor once told me I shouldn’t put anything in my ears smaller than my elbow.


The “elbow in the ear” warning is a direction I have followed for years. I have my ears professionally cleaned every 3 months. Wax is a constant problem that brings about a gradual diminishment of hearing if not dealt with. Everybody is different - you have to learn what’s best for you.

Do you all have wet or dry wax?

  • Wet
  • Dry

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I seem to be lucky with ear wax. When I don’t wear my HAs, I get quite a lot of wax.

When I wear my HAs, the moisture in my ears seem to water down the wax and I can’t get any wax out when I clean my ears.

I’ve never had to see a doctor for wax issues.

I have had my ears suctioned but that’s down to infections.

Is there an intermediate? Mine is neither runny wet, nor the dry hard chunks I’ve seen from some people.

I use Q-tips often, at least twice a day. Once when I get out of the shower and when I take my HAs out at night. Or more if I take more than one shower or remove my HAs I use Q-tips. But, I don’t have a wax buildup problem and I don’t create much wax.

My daughter on the other hand can’t use Q-tips or anything similar. She has a big problem with wax buildup and if she puts anything in her ear she just moves the wax around and pushes deeper into her ear. Then it’s a trip to the doc for removal.

48 years of Q-Tips 2-3 times a day, and I have zero issues. I would say “never use Q-Tips in your ears” as a bit of over-blown hype.

Granted, as shown by another post, some people may have a problem and should be cautious, but a blanket never for all is BS.

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I agree. To say never is a bit bold.

If we HOH people went by the elbow in the ear thing we couldn’t were hearing aids.

I also use Q-tips daily. Usually getting out of the shower to dry them out well so fungus and other bad stuff doesn’t multiply.

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I’ve had big buildups of wax here and there over the years. What has worked for me (and obviously everyone is different) is I use cotton swabs but only around the outer part of the ear. I never let it enter the canal. Also while in the shower I let the warm water fill up my ear and then tilt my head to drain it out. Finally, every few months or twice a year I will pour a capful of peroxide into the canal and let it “boil” for about 10 or 15 minutes and then use an ear bulb with warm water to flush the wax bits and chunks out. This has solved my occasional blockage problems.

I’ve always thought that, you hit it on the head. We’re asked to shove a foreign object deeply into our ears on a daily basis (one that has a wee plastic wax guard in it that can and does come off), but a q-tip is verboten? Pffft.


I use Q tips daily, usually in the morning. Almost every night I have fluid coming out of my left ear, sometimes it will be on my pillow. My ENT knows about this issue and doesn’t tell me not to use Q TIPS. I see him every six months. I am very, very careful when gently inserting the Q tip and have never had my ENT tell me I have pushed wax into the ear drum or further back into a cavity that was created by a cyst removal years ago.
Sorry but this is my method and it has worked for me the past 15 years without any damage to my ear canal or ear drum.

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I clean my ears once a week with a product called “Audiclean”

My Pharmacist suggests putting a drop or two of baby oil in each ear before you get into the shower. The steam, warmth and hot water will leave the ear as you shower taking the earwax with it.