Hearing improved after using earwax removal kit

I recently had a moment of panic when my right hearing seemed reduced significantly, especially since I’m more than 1000 miles away from my audiologist. Went to the drug store and purchased an ear cleaning kit. Used as per directions and cleaned out a bunch of old wax and gunk. Hearing seems much better. Guess I need to do this periodically even though I’m not a big wax maker.

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I understand your problem. I recently started having feedback issues and I think it was from ear wax buildup. I used Debrox a few times and the feedback has decreased. I’ve had ear wax build up, which has interfered with my hearing, for a long time.

Regarding earwax —
I have a bottle of wax remover from Kroger that says it contains olive oil. So I suppose you could just use a bit of that oil to clean your ears.

I use Eargene that I get from Amazon, it stops itching and also I have found it great to remove ear wax. I use it once or twice a week.

What I used contains a 6.5 % carbamide peroxide solution. I hear it bubbling while it loosens the gunk in my ear. Then irrigate ear with warm water to flush the bits and pieces out.


It never hurts to take a look at the domes and the inside of the in-ear speaker every week or so to be sure nothing is getting clogged up there as well.


Remember, wax normally moves out of the ear and aids pushes it back in. You just can’t win.

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I have custom ear molds so I change wax guards the first part of each month. Thanks for the advice.

My audiologist suggested 1/2 rubbing alcohol 1/2 distilled vinegar. He said it’s the alcohol that dissolves the wax. Anyone heard of this?

Makes since. The vinegar is a disinfectant and alcohol is a cleaner.

Another alternative he suggested, but not as effective is 1/2 water 1/2 hydrogen peroxide. I’ve tried both the hydrogen method I can hear bubbling with alcohol method I don’t hear it, but that’s what I use.

Does anyone know how often you can clean your wax from your ears to be safe?

I’m doing once a week, but I think more would be better.

My audiologist suggested once a year based on past practices. Weekly seems excessive but who knows.

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I tried the hydrogen peroxide a long time. Would use it numerous times before having to go to nurse at my HMO to get it out. Never seem to work well.
Last time used the expen$ive Debrox. Worked well. I obviously produce a lot.

Update. Upon returning home I found that I was still getting a significant;y larger amount of gunk out of my right ear than normal. I did some more flushing but that didn’t yield too much more material. So, I went tho the doctor yesterday and he flushed out a bunch of stuff from my ear using a fairly powerful warm water stream. In the junk were pieces of wax and , to my embarrassment pieces of q-tip fuzz. I looked at my physician and said, “you don’t even have to tell me, no more q-tips”. I knew better but you know how that sometimes goes. In addition to the cleaning he prescribed some steroid and antibiotic drops to help with the inflammation. Lesson learned.

I like good deals and bargains too but there are a few things you should not buy at the dollar store, including eye drops, ear drops, and especially q-tips.

The Alcohol/vinegar mixture is also used by Scuba divers to prevent fungus infections (divers ear) which is a very painful condition (I can attest to that!) It is also advisable to add a bit of olive oil because alone, the alcohol/vinegar mix can dry out the ear and strip it of natural oils.

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Okay, olive oil thank you.