Watching TV with ReSound Unite TV Streamer 2

Had to share. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for many years and I’m very tech savvy. Over the years, I just sorta gave up on watching TV because I ended up missing some of the dialogue and everyone kept telling me to turn down the volume. Occasionally we watch a movie and I just flip on the subtitles so that I don’t miss anything. When I upgraded to the Quattro’s, I asked the audiologist about adding the TV Streamer but $400 seemed a bit much given how little I watch TV. Along comes COVID and my wife wants to start watching movies and shows on Netflix, PrimeTV, etc. All was fine until we found a historical series with thick British accents…and no subtitles. I started searching online and bought a used Resound Unite TV Streamer 2 off a guy on eBay for $150 and all I can say is WOW. I feel like I should I have bought this ages ago. All I had to do is sync it to my hearing aids and it showed up on the iPhone app and started working. The integration with iPhone is excellent with full volume, microphone and sound equalization controls. Incredible range too. Just sharing in case there are others out there who have given up on TV and feel they are missing out. This is a good upgrade during the pandemic.


Your TV connector is practically identical to the Cochlear TV connector.

Streaming TV is really nice, been doing it for a few years.

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I stream all the time from my iPhone and MacBook Pro (with the Phone Clip). I just never bothered with TV for some reason. I did do some streaming with my old Phonak hearing aids but I hated wearing the iCom around my neck and gave up on it after a while.

I also got the ReSound unit at a cheaper price than $400 (about $80) but with no success in streaming. I used a TOS link splitter, one side to the ReSound gadget, the other side to a sound bar. Suggestions gladly acceped.

The Costco KS 9 TV streamer is only $99 and delivers excellent stereo clear sound. Can be used on Laptop for Zoom meeting or YouTube videos.

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Does it work direct (without the splitter)? If so, you probably need a powered splitter, if you don’t have one.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try ASAP.

I’m from Scotland and my problem was these thisk US/Canadian accents when there are no subtitles. ;o)

I got a GN streamer a month ago. Like you I’m finding it amazing. I haven’t heard as clear as this for 40 year. The only problem is that my wife also now wears hearing aids (NHS) and she has no streamer. I find that I can still hear the TV from the speakers while using the app and it creates a little bit of an echo effect.

Back again. I followed up on your suggestion of taking out the splitter and it worked. Looking at the status map you can see the layout and it is rock stable. But when I put the splitter back in it would stay steady for only a few seconds until the red problem signs came on. I’ll get a powered splitter via Amazon.

Re accented programs, I 've dealt with the problem using sub-titles. It’s a workable solution but I look forward to a wireless solution. I do need this fix so I can use the TOS-link for both HA audio and the sound bar audio. Thanks for your help.

I used the TOSLink for my sound bar and I just use the RCA cable for the Resound Streamer. That way I didn’t have to get a splitter.


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You can special order ReSound accessories through Costco. I got both my Multi Mic and my TV Streamer 2 there. Costco doesn’t have them in stock in a Hearing Center but orders the device for you. $267 for the Multi Mic and $260 for the TV Streamer 2 several years ago. If one has any warranty issues, you have to work through Costco, not your HCP. You don’t need an HCP to pair either device with your HA’s - as may have already been noted in this thread. I asked my audi for a price before going to Costco and she was notably more expensive although she gave me a better price than Costco for my Phone Clip+ when I purchased it with my Quattro’s ($185-perhaps because it was part of the Tru-Hearing order for the HA’s?).

Thanks, Jordan. Yours is an excellent example of the KISS principle. I’ve committed to the powered splitter but if this does not work, I will use your method.

I have used a streamer with my rebound ha for about 3 years and they work well except it is hard to have conversation when streaming is working. The streaming in my ear drowns out my wife’s voice. In the last couple of weeks I purchased a couple of apple home pod mini speakers. I put one of these little speakers on a side table next to my recliner, about 24 inches away, and the other on one my other side a couple of feet away. I pair up the speakers as stereo speaks and connect to my Apple TV. I have Hulu live so I can watch all my shows through Apple TV. To make a long story short this system works better than the stream. I can hear all my television shows with good clarity and carry on a conversation with my wife at the same time. Since I have used this system I have not used my streamer. My wife can hear the TV shows just fine. The quality of these little speakers is really good. Hope, this helps.

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I am using a tv streamer with a computer. This is really a very cool sound quality!
But there are two disadvantages for me:

  1. TV streamer disconnects from hearing aids after 5 minutes without sound (because of this, I miss sound notifications on the computer).
  2. It is not possible to make more than one TV streamer program. There can be only one program at a time.
    I really want to make three programs: for music, for speech, for games. Now I correspond with the support of ReSound, but such an impression the specialist has never used hearing aids and a smartphone application.
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When u use both toslink and analog output do u get output from each? I thought TV (LG) only has one audio output active?

I have a Vizio TV and both are always active.


With ReSound you don’t have to wear anything but your aids.

There is no latency between the Resound TV Streamer and the aids, but there may be some latency between the speakers and the audio output to which the TV Streamer is connected. Some TVs has the possibility to adjust the latency.

I use the ReSound MultiMic to stream sound from PC. It does not disconnect in periods of silence.

Thank u. I will give it a test. Cheers.