Using the cochlear nucleus 7 with a resound hearing aid

Has anyone had any experience with using a resound hearing aid in one ear and a cochlear nucleus 7 in the other. Were you able to sync them together with your apple phone, and what are the advantages to it.

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I have the N6 and have resound hearing aid in the other ear and use all of the devices…Phone clip, MiniMic2 and TV streamer. I have an android phone and the app works well with the resound HA. I understand that more features are available with the Apple products. Streams well with bluetooth to both ears using the app and the accessories.

@Deaf_piper I think is getting a resound aid to use with his/her N7.

yep. she mentioned that!

@Zebras I am indeed. My appointment is on Tuesday to discuss what Resound would be best for me, and to go with my N7. So it will be a couple of weeks before I’m up and running though. At this stage I don’t know very much about Resound or what they are meant to do. Other than what the Resound and Cochlear advertising material tell me they do. As I’ve only been activated 4 weeks now. I’ve only ever had Phonak aids until now.

Resound is made for the Cochlear brand and Apple have worked in together. I believe they all work very well and pair easily.

@touches with the N7 you don’t need the phone clip, it streams beautifully without it. The mini mic and TV streamer you do need with the N7 still.

How well are you hearing now?

@bsexton7 do you mean with the CI? I’ve only been activated 4 weeks now. The ear that has the CI has only been profoundly deaf for 3 years, and I’ve had bilateral aids for the last 6-7 yrs.

I was one of the lucky ones I could understand speech within 5 minutes of activation, but I’m struggling with environmental sounds…When I stream I have a very “normal” sounding (pre CI) voice talking to me. Without the streaming it’s still a bit robotic, but getting better every week. As yet I don’t have my Resound aid, that’s happening this coming Tuesday to start the ball rolling for that. I haven’t bothered to have my Phonak connected to my CI as I would have had to buy all sort of extras to do so. Another reason not to connect my CI to my Phonak, means I’m working that ear constantly all the time without any support from the other ear.

I will only ever be bimodal as the surgeon thinks my L ear is most likely congenital and would be unlikely to get a really positive result from going bilateral.

I have the Resound Linx Quattro 7 UP with my Nucelus 7. After the FDA approval for software modification, I was able to pair the Quattro with the N7. It wasn’t possible before july 2019 due to the software modification requiring the Custom Sound software needed approval from FDA. I got it paired and see HA and CI as one combined system for iOS devices.

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@ssa with the Quattro’s are they the rechargeable or battery style please?

I got the Rechargeable variant but there is no telecoil in that version…

@ssa to be able to pair ‘easily’ with the N7 I was told I need any of the Resound 3D aids. All the other aids made by Resound would need the phone clip for connectivity. Is this not the case?

@Deaf_piper No, the audiologist got outdated information. CI audiologist called Cochlear back in june. They said there a custom sound software update for Quattro pairing with Nucleus 7 for MFI capability.
Here is my MFI pairing, Resound RE761-DRWC (Linx Quattro 7 rechargeable variant) and Cochlear CP1000 (Nucleus 7)

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See cochlear’s bimodal site, Smart Bimodal Hearing | Nucleus Hearing Systems | Cochlear Americas

With compatible ReSound hearing aids: ReSound LiNX Quattro,™ ReSound LiNX 3D™ and ReSound ENZO 3D.™

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@ssa other Resound Lynx and enzo aids are compatible also. But not the direct route, you have to have the phone clip…

You mean the linx and enzo 2 and older don’t support direct streaming through mfi…

@ssa yes Lynx2 and Enzo 2 line and older need a phone clip. They will still stream but through the phone clip.

Yes, i have both and how they work together is fantastic. I also have the tv streamer and mini-mic both of which are absolutely fantastic. I lost hearing 45 years ago when my right ear was smacked by a wave in the ocean. My left ear is very very poor. The Resound is in my left ear and cochlear in right. Without both of them i would hear very very little.
One recommendation that is worth its weight in the world is to have a cochlear mentor. You would not believe all the questions you will have and how their experience will help you.
Anyone having any questions i would be glad to see if i can answer them.


@rzechman I agree about getting a Cochlear mentor. The first one I had was out of state, South Carolina. He helped, but not as well as my second who lives nearby. I was still a bit hesitant on getting my implant, but in talking with her, she got me over my hesitancy. We’re friends now and we met at her house and had lunch and talked after I was activated.

I’m not saying that an out of state mentor isn’t good. It’s the mentor themselves. My second happened to work out great and she just happened to be local. Get a mentor and if they enjoy talking about their implant and their experience, the better.

I was implanted last week and waiting to be activated in my right ear. This is all a new adventure for me and would love some advice and support from experienced cochlear implant users


Tell us how you are feeling.
Which implant did you get? I have Cochlear CI612 implants.
Which processor do you plan to use?

Lots of stuff going on in your head right now. Ask questions.
Do you have a mentor helping you?