Using phone as bridge between PC and Resound HA using SoundWire App

I’ve been using ReSound Quattros for over a year now, very happy andstreams well to my Android.Pixel 3a through Resound 3D App

However, with increasing use of Zoom/Teams I’ve been looking how to stream direct to my HA from my PC. Obvious call is the TV Streamer but it is an expensive option.

I have been trying out the Soundwire solution which consists of a app on your phone and a small server download on your PC. This allows you to stream PC output over Wifi to your phone which then ‘bridges’ to the hearing aids via bluetooth in the usual manner. I use the microphone on my webcam as the input channel

Latency is not too bad and on Zoom calls not really an issue, connection occasionally drops but seems pretty stable. Watching videos is a bit laggy.

Anyone else using this app and hints on improving performance? At £3.69 for paid version a lot cheaper than the TV streamer!

Next step is to see if I can get this to load on my android TV…there is a Linux and Raspberry Pi version of the server download available as well.


Awesome finding! Thanks for sharing!
I believe it could be used for bunch of phone and aids combinations.