USB Hi-Pro knockoffs

Does anyone know how these USB Hi-Pro knockoffs work?

Can you use the same programming cables as the GN Otometrics HI-PRO USB?

Here’s the seller’s response to those questions:

Of course it works exactly like the Original GN Otometrics Hi-Pro USB.

Don’t worry. It is 99% similar to GN Otometrics Hi-Pro USB. The only 1% difference is the label on the box.

The feedback indicates that it will work the same as GN Otometrics Hi-Pro USB.

Seller says that you may order from EBay Singapore ( as it is free to place ads there and as a result savings for the buyer. About US$25 cheaper.

I’m beginning to believe in this product. Seller says “Please be assured that it works exactly like the one from GN Otometrics. No issue with cables fittings.”

If anyone has purchased one of these for self-programming their hearing aids then please speak up about your experience.

“knock off” in UK English means “stolen” …

I was using the term Knockoff to loosely mean counterfeit. If we have Knockoffs available that work as good as the original, then I’m guessing this will put downward pressure on the price.

Though, if anything the price seems to be going up at this time???

These are the prices I observed recently. Both products seem overpriced to me. Especially since the software is not readily available for many hearing aids.

Knockoff = $693 total - ($525 + $48 shipping + $120 cables)
Original = $851 total - ($649 + $22 shipping + $180 cables)

it looks fake…

The only problem I can see is what about the software interface program? It doesn’t do any good to have all the hardware parts without the software program.

That would be like having a computer without the operating system to run it… but those are just my thoughts.

Shi-Ku Chishiki

I would like to see a little more EBay feedback before deciding whether this is fake or real.

Shi-Ku; software is available from some manufacturers. See this (self programming where to get hard- and software) thread.

Most software is ready to download of the net…

Thank you for advertising for me in this forum. The Original product is first introduced by me to put on sales on ebay as I noticed a lot of ebayer auctioning for used unit at high price. Then my competitor ‘bidbybid’ gets the same product from my supplier and selling almost at cost initially and spoilt the market but to the benefit of the consumer. This price US$599 cannot be sustained for long as no profit is make. In order to benefit more consumers to have the opportunity to fine tuning themselves, I have resorted to another supplier who can supply me at cheaper price. This is an alternatives for choice. If you are interested in the branded unit, I am selling at US$628 excluding shipping cost and make a tiny profit for the sale. But frankly speaking as a consumer, I will get the RS232C unit at US$449 as it serves the same purpose at a lower price but at a slightly slower speed. Since I am not programming for others, time is no business sense to programme it fast. Programming is an art, it needs to be done patiently and tuning bit by bit to realise the changes and benefit. He is trying to backstab me and put this message in his website as he knows that it will soon be a threat to him.

The extraction is as follows:-
Please note that this is the new USB port Hi-Pro
The old RS232C port Hi-Pro has been discontinued long time ago and most computers do not even have that port anymore.

Who said RS232C port Hi-Pro has been discontinued, it is selling at the same price as the USB unit which are currently under promotion. May be after the promotion, he may supply the RS232C unit.

If you are interested in CIC hearing aids and not paying exorbitance pricing, I have introduced some low cost unit at superb functions as the expensive brands. In addition, the software and programming cables are provided free of charge. It comes with a 2 years warranty. The models that introduced are more for the entry and affordable consumers. If you are interested in some premium CIC unit, please feel free to drop me an email for more interesting products but paying less than that at the ebay by ‘bidbybid’.

Please check at looking for ‘CIC’.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day! Please note that my intent was not to promote any specific product or vendor. Though, I always prefer having choices instead of having a monopoly.

If you know your way around older computers then the RS-232-C connected Serial Hi-Pro may work well for you. But RS-232-C connections no longer exist on newer computers being sold today.

Here’s a >> picture << of one of my older computers. Notice the two RS-232-C (green/aqua) ports on the left. The two male ports have 9-pins each. Now look at the back of your computer. If it’s a newer computer it won’t have these ports. I recommend the UBS connected Hi-Pro for ease of compatibility with newer computers. Plus you don’t need a power supply with USB. The USB connection powers the unit.

Some ppl have used a serial-to-USB converter to get by with using the older Serial Hi-Pro. However not all serial-to-USB converters are alike. Some serial-to-USB converters do not carry all the necessary signals in the time-frame required.

Of course the choice is yours. RS232 or USB, all depends on your computer. But there is always an adapter supplied to fit RS232 if needed. Hope to see you again in

I got one and I#m very pleased because it comes with a CD and has installed on Windows XP and comes up as connected in Aventa 2.6 and passes the self test - Though I do need cables to use it further

Please help…

The seller is very helpful and provides ups tracking…

You do need to follow the instructions and safety warnings carefully set the correct COM port, otherwise it won’t be recognised in windows.

The seller usually has sources for programming cables. Ask him.

I ordered the cables today from the same seller in singapore, they were shipped within an hour with tracking! …

I can recommend this seller as 100% genuine and a Top ebayer…