Updating ReSound software

Mine is the Preza HA. While exploring the Smart 3D My ReSound page, I found the software update instructions. It told me my current software version is and a new version is available. I’ve tried updating several times and that my installation is successful. But when I checked I find I am still at Comments please.

Current software version for Preza HA is and is up to date.
Resound Smart3d App is version 1.7.6 for Iphone

Ditto for Android, 0.44 for firmware and 1.7.6 for 3D app. Firmware version is found under the My ReSound tab and Smart 3D version under the More tab, Legal, Manufacturer in the Smart 3D app.

Would be helpful for folks to report phone type, HA type and country that they are in in reporting 3D version and firmware. I’m a Quattro user in Texas with an Android smartphone. According to Google Play, my Smart 3D app is the latest version available for my phone, a Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9.

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Just south of me…

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** BTW, SA has trademarked the phrase “Military City, USA.” (editorial in local paper)

Going back to my original posting, my phone is an iPhone (iOS). Now to add to the update mystery, when I checked later today it is telling me that “Your hearing aid software is up to date” for “Current software version”. What changed? Does anyone else recognize these values? is in line with reported by chrisbabolat above. But doesn’t match anything posted here.

You could try appsupport@resound.com and see if they can explain it. YMMV with how helpful and informative the replies of the folks there may be. Maybe ReSound is doing A/B testing on us and you are in the other bucket! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit_Update: Forgot 'til now. I also had the problem that for several months one of my HA’s would not update to the latest firmware (0.44) from 0.43 and Smart 3D also told me that I was running the latest version for that HA, even though the other HA had updated to 0.44 and Smart 3D said that was the latest version for THAT HA! - perhaps because the Remote Assist connection or whatever was broken in the Smart 3D app version I was running then. When the lagging HA was connected to fitting software, it updated to 0.44 through the fitting software. So if your problem is like mine, it won’t be solved until you visit your HCP and your HCP can also patch up your Remote Assist connection, too. Your HCP might have more leverage than you do, too, in finding out from ReSound what’s with your app version. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Smart 3D app to see if that changes the version #? (I think you might have to repair your HA’s with the app after doing that but it’s not hard to do).

I had issues of not being able to update the HA software when one was sent away for repair, when it came back my audi did not re-connect it to software etc as it was a new unit with different serial. Once done both update since.

With the Preza you can not use the update feature or resound assist. You are in Demo mode when you see that info.

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You got pretty close. We are in Gillespie county.

Hey guys,

I got Linx Quattro’s but I don’t have ReSound Assist nor I can update my HA’s from the Smart3D app. Is this some option that my audiologist should give me access to (through his program) or that’s problem with me? Thanks.

From the following ReSound Frequently Asked Questions page: https://www.resound.com/en/help/apps/smart-3d

Q. How do I get access to ReSound Assist?

A. In the ReSound Smart 3D app, go to the menu My ReSound. If you see items available under ReSound Assist, you have access. If you see ‘Activate ReSound Assist’, tap that and follow the flow to get access. If you do not see ReSound Assist in the menu, or if you think you should have more items available, contact your hearing care professional who must enable ReSound Assist for you. Please note that ReSound Assist is available in select global markets.

Unfortunately, the last line probably means ReSound Assist is NOT available in a number of global markets.

I believe your Resound Smart 3D APP is running in DEMO mode.

Wouldn’t dmrljes see ReSound Assist in DEMO mode? - but he says that he doesn’t - perhaps your responding to the OP and just agree with another commenter who has replied the same to the OP wrt DEMO mode for the Prezas?

I wish Resound would separate the firmware update capability from Resound Assist. My audiologist isn’t using Resound Assist yet and he turns it off by default. Basically means I can’t get automatic updates.

My audi had the same lack of enthusiasm for ReSound Assist. I think that she imagined that I would be bugging her left and right for this and that all the time. However, I believe Parts A and B are separate. I think if you consent to Part A you get the firmware updates and agree to share usage data with ReSound. May be mistaken but I believe only Part B involves the audiologist and Remote Assistance. Perhaps the troublesome thing for some audiologists/HCP’s, is that ReSound asks the user to rate the service provider and, as well as having to deal with requested service any old time over the Internet, maybe the provider doesn’t want to have to worry about his rep with ReSound as voted on through the Smart 3D app? Perhaps he’d be more willing to turn out the Internet connectivity to ReSound if you told him you only wanted Part A and you don’t want to consent to Part B?

Hey guys, I’ve been at audi, he told me Serbia does have ReSound Assist but he has problems with his ReSound account so he is currently resolving it. Should be resolved next time when I go to him.

I wanted to ask, I have Quattro 5’s, what additional options should I have on my app? I know I can’t have WindGuard because the 5’s have only on and off. What about noise reduction or other options in demo mode?