Universal Bluetooth streamer

Has anyone tried this device? Seems like it’d be a good solution for people who want to stream Bluetooth audio to their hearing aids from a non-Bluetooth enabled device. Just learned about it yesterday.

  • Ability to Stream Audio directly to any Bluetooth device
  • Connects to any TV or media device with an audio out 3.5mm or RCA jack
  • 33 Foot range
  • TV, computer, smartphone, stereo, and tablet compatible

Stepping into the fray are we? :slight_smile: There’s a million and a half of these things. You would still need the factory intermediate device. I’m still wanting to know if the Phonak Direct can connect to any other bluetooth device other than a smartphone. Like straight from a tv with built-in bt. Otherwise then these devices you mention would be more useful.

I’m not familiar. Can you link me to some good ones?



@NateS has done a lot on this. I think he likes one of them.

I had a phone call with Lucid yesterday and they told me about their product. I thought it was novel, but now I see there are many of these devices on Amazon… I have owned many Bluetooth receivers in the past for personal audio stuff, but didn’t know Bluetooth transmitters were common.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully. The HAs have their own proprietary codec it seems for BT. The one work around is to use a universal FM receiver device to match other aid devices which are truly very good
like the Phonak Roger Pen.

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Here’s a Bluetooth 5 streamer (with aptX) I just found. Looks higher end, but also costs a bit more.


What have you tried? If trying to use a standard bt with a made for iphone HA then no that won’t work. There’s the Phonak Direct that maybe you’ve tried. Then there are several PSAP/OTC devices that can do standard bt.
What we have so far though is mono. No stereo yet.

I am told no audio streaming to Direct B, except for caller voice audio, mono.

I’ve tried the MPOW 4.1 BT with my streamer. I do not have the direct to iPhone generation.

Right. That’s what I understand so far too. I’m just not sure anyone has actually tested it.

Unless there’s a hack, it’s not possible. I’ve been told by multiple sources.

@skyemac11: Indeed. Pretty much all of the main HA’s offer an intermediate device.

@AbramBaileyAuD: Sure. That’s what I understand too. But that’s pronouncing from authority. Has anyone ACTUALLY tested it to see what, if anything, happens? That’s what I’d like to read about.

Phonak told me it wasn’t possible, so unless you’re saying they’re wrong?

Well that’s pretty good authority :slight_smile: . I’m not saying anyone is wrong. It’s a curiosity to know what happens if one were to try to pair the Directs to a standard bt transmitter. Just saying it won’t work is not good enough for my curiosity.
Once upon a time it was thought that the earth was flat. From all the highest authorities possible. Or that the sun went around the earth. Same authorities.
Then people got curious.

I have this one and it connects directly to one of my Companion hearing aids. I use it mainly for an interesting TV program that doesn’t have captions. As a result, I just don’t use it very often.

I should add that it works if my hearing aids have A2DP enabled:

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@z10user2, I don’t have another Bluetooth source, other than my Android phone, to try with my trial Audeo B Directs. But I can tell you that my car pairs to the phone for call audio and media audio, while the designated aid (the left one in my case) pairs only for call audio. This is more evidence, besides Phonak’s word, that the Audeo B Direct doesn’t support Bluetooth media audio.

Hey thanks x475aws. Is there a way to pair directly to the car? Or is that what you’re saying you tried?
If the car was searching for something to link to and the HA’s were sitting their waiting to be paired to…does anything interesting happen? Like no phone with bluetooth enabled in the vicinity.

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