Unitron introduces Blu platform and Moxi Blu family

A new listening experience is coming out of the Blu: Introducing Unitron’s new Blu platform

Powered by the Sonova PRISM™ Chip, the Blu platform delivers next generation sound performance, personalization and connectivity to the digital world

Kitchener, Ontario | April 7, 2021 - Adapting to each hearing aid wearer’s unique experiences and lifestyle, Unitron introduces Blu, an innovative new platform designed to keep up with the complexity of everyday life.

Enabling clients to keep up with the unexpected, the new Blu platform provides next-generation sound performance. Powered by the new Sonova PRISM™ (Processing Real-Time Intelligent Sound Management) chip and Unitron’s powerful new signal processing system Integra OS, Blu delivers an adaptable, personalized and freeing hearing experience like never before. Integra OS optimizes the listening experience to each client’s specific situation from highly complex to very quiet, so your clients can follow the day where it leads.

“It is hard to know what experiences we may encounter throughout the day,” says Nicola McLaughlin, Director of Hearing Instruments Business at Unitron. “With our new Blu platform clients are provided with our most advanced sound performance and will be ready for life’s unexpected moments knowing their hearing aids will keep up with their unique lifestyle.”

In-the-moment personalization means clients can hear how they want, when they want. With Blu and our Remote Plus app clients can temporarily boost clarity and comfort within the automatic program. For special circumstances they can also select from up to six optional pre-set programs which they can further adjust to enhance speech, reduce noise or focus the microphones all to meet their unique lifestyle needs.

Stay connected with Blu’s Made-For-All technology. Compatible with Bluetooth products, Blu allows wearers to interact seamlessly with their favourite devices. With new tap control, Blu wearers can access virtual assistants, accept and end calls, as well as pause and play media while connected simultaneously to two Bluetooth devices, all with a double-tap to the side of the ear. In total, clients can pair up to eight devices, including both Android and Apple phones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices.

“Our world is increasingly rooted in technology-based solutions. As more of us move to a remote work model, the amount of devices we are connected to throughout the day is growing,” shares Sandra Fulton, Vice President of Group Marketing at Unitron. “As our clients’ lifestyles evolve, so must Unitron’s products and Blu seamlessly allows our customers to immerse themselves in all aspects of life with full confidence in their hearing aid compatibility.”

The new Moxi™ Blu family has been redesigned for additional wearing comfort and ease of use, and includes two lithium-ion rechargeable models. With Unitron’s Remote Plus app, clients can maximize their hearing experience with in-app reminders and contextual how-to’s designed to seamlessly familiarize clients to the new technology. A no-commitment trial period with all Moxi Blu hearing instruments also ensures clients have peace of mind while selecting the right device for their needs.

“Confidence in not only the product, but in one’s ability to embrace life’s spontaneity and take in every experience from one moment to the next is vital,” says Fulton. “Unitron is proud to provide innovations that fit seamlessly into our clients’ lives.”

For more information on the Blu platform, please visit www.unitron.com/blu

About Unitron

At Unitron, we empower people with life-enhancing hearing experiences that fit seamlessly into their world. Our sound performance technology, experience innovations, and intuitive design work perfectly together for unmatched personalization and optimization. Because everyone deserves to Love the experience.™ For more information, visit unitron.com.

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PRISM also uses Phonak Paradise (Audeo / Naida)

What do you think are the advantages when comparing Unitron and Phonak.

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Maybe price, depending on the margin, Unitron might be cheaper.
And ability to pay to upgrade to higher tech level if you change your mind.

Otherwise I think they’re pretty similar tech-wise. However, I think I’ve read that sound color isn’t the same, so, one might work better for you than the other.

I would like to inform you that I bought the Unitron Moxi blu (rechargeable version). I found through an ebay dealer who sold me the Flex-Trial version because I wanted a premium level for less money. At first I wanted to buy a Costco Kirkland Signature or Brio but I gave up because Costco is too far away for me and they don’t mail hearing aids. The Flex-trial version lasts a maximum of 6 weeks, and you only need to connect and save the settings again via noahlink-wireles and reset the time to zero again. Nothing complicated.
This is also my first hearing aid programming, so I have a little insufficient knowledge, but I will learn more when I understand everything I need to know. Yesterday I had a conversation with a seller of Oticon hearing aids, and because I wanted her to make me a custom silicone mold because these are my first RIC hearing aids, I showed her the receiver and she noticed that the receiver is not the same as Oticon, that the mold is custom made. I wouldn’t answer but she gave me a try on a dome that is bigger than the original and I changed, they are very good, there is no feedback at all. And I have a hearing loss that goes up to 100db.
To be honest, the hearing aids are close to the upper limit, and there was a fear that they would not provide me with enough amplification.

For those who don’t know, the details are quite similar to the Phonak Audeo Paradise, except for the design and some details.

I like it very much, I love the motion sensor, tap control :slight_smile:

Since I have no warranty for repair, I decided to use this as an auxiliary hearing aid in addition to my old Phonak Naida q50. I often work outside in agriculture, where there is often moisture, dust, etc., then I will wear Phonak and when I go somewhere else then I will just replace the hearing aids for the unitron. Another reason why I will have two is that the battery would certainly not last all day because I often stream sound due to music, calls, etc. I plan to buy a replacement for Phonak anyway, it will be in 2 years because then I have the right to use health insurance .

For this I gave $ 600 (2 hearing aids + charger).

Question for the experienced, I would like to buy a usb bluetooth dongle, do you perhaps have a recommendation of some cheaper one that would work with it? Because Unitron blu is the same as Paradise so I would love to hear your experiences. I would like to avoid buying a phonak tv connector and save money, there is probably some cheaper usb bluetooth dongle that works?

New firmware for the unitron Moxi blu series of hearing aids has arrived. I don’t know what the new brings, because I don’t notice anything specific. In addition, the unitron truefit received a new update to support the Stride blu series of hearing aids.

As for what phonak had a problem with automatic return to Autosens. The unitron blu series has not had this problem before.


Hello, is there any possibility to interchange or modify the battery version to rechargeable and vice-versa?

No that wouldn’t be possible,the case is made differently among other things, makes no sense to go down this path.

It is not possible because the housings are shaped differently. The battery can only be changed by the manufacturer.