Unidentified beeping sounds with Phonak P90-312

My p-90 312’s arrived a couple of days back and have developed a sound that I can’t identify. Have both paired to my phone/app and they are working perfectly, definitely an upgrade from the model the VA provided 5 years ago. Starting yesterday I began hearing 2 beeps, not low battery, best I can describe it is a short slow busy signal. They come at random times, I’m not seeing any messages, calls, or sm alerts. I do have a number of blocked numbers that will ring busy on my end and send them to voice mail, could that possibly what these beeps are? I do receive jingle alerts when new messages arrive, but those can be verified as the source while the 2 beeps I cannot associate.

I have the same issue with my KS10s, essentially a Paradise RT. My phone is a Samsung Note 9 with the Android app if that helps.

I get BEEPBEEP several times a day- fairly loud, same pitch, same volume every time . It does not seem to relate to battery level, phone activity, or anything I notice. I do not have such a sound selected for anything on my phone. All I can think of is if the app or phone is connecting or disconnecting to something. It certainly is not the musical phrase I relate to that, or anything I do intentionally such as changing programs, adjusting the volume, or muting. It is not the battery beep, it’s a much higher pitch and louder.

Fred F

I get the double beep from my emails set up on my phone…. I have the Phonak Naida Paradise aids, just a thought? Cheers Kev

:flying_saucer:Mother ship, perhaps?:loud_sound:

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Incoming emails produce a tone in my ears as well. I’m on iOS 14.6. It’s a single tone in the hearing aids, with rapidly decreasing echoes, not two separate tones.

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Mine turned out to be bad batteries after all, I guess the pack of 4 batteries that shipped with the unit were bad from the start. Replaced them with a new pair that had just come in the mail from the VA and no more beeps since. Odd because I thought that I had read that the hearing aids would shut down 30 minutes after the beeps while I continued hearing the beeps throughout the day. Ruled out every other possibility before my supplies arrived in the mail, so very confident that this was the problem all along.

Like this, but louder and a bit slower, maybe twice the interval

Hi Jim, I am iPhone X, I get rapid beeps for messages and 2 long beeps for emails coming in…. I think you can alter this in Target, I will have a look later…… I don the kilt occasionally myself, usually weddings or funerals, and sometimes when I play at international 8 ball pool events, Robertson is a very common and proud name here in the Highlands. I am approximately 20 miles north of Inverness, in a tiny village called Achnagarron, it’s sort of in between the small towns of Alness and Invergordon, our house looks down onto the main trunk road (A9) about half a mile away, the port of Invergordon is partially in view, a mile or so further on, with the sea (Cromarty Firth) and the Black Isle in the background, tis a lovely view, and seldom static, there is always something happening to catch your attention, I regard myself as very fortunate to live in such a lovely area, tis a very peaceful existence…… Cheers Kev :wink:

Those tones are a new one on me? Good luck in your quest. Cheers Kev.

Sorry, more like this - I do believe I should not post about hearing without my hearing aids in :smile:

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