Unexpected sound signal from Resound Quatro

I’ve been using a pair of Resound Quatro for a couple of years now. In the last few weeks the right ear unit has given me a 4 (or maybe 5) beeps signal in the middle of the day.
I know 4 bells signals that program 4 is being used, but I NEVER select programs with the units button. I set it with the app when I take on the HAs in the morning.
So the signal is not response to a program change.
Is this something to worry about? What may be the reason for the signal?

Does it happen every day around the same time? Strange I haven’t heard off ReSound doing it, but Oticon have a “beep” warning when the microphone is faulty, it’s more then 5 tho, could be you’ll just have to get them checked out by ReSound.

No. Several days between the two incidents - so far. Different time of the day too.