TV Adapter 3.0 new Firmware?

visited the audi today, after connecting my HAs the software showed a new FW for both HAs and the TV adapter.

Anybody knows any specifics?

Gonna take it over there on Friday…

Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know. But I’m visiting my audi in early July to get the new HA firmware installed. I’ll also make sure to get the TV Adapter 3.0 new firmware as well on the same visit. I’ve sent her an email to check on its availability.

By the way, she told me that the OPN firmware is not available until end of June. It looks like your audi got it earlier than mine.

Although my experience with the TV Adapter 3.0 so far has been positive, I’ve been finding that my OPNs seem to reboot randomly much more frequently now while streaming from the TV Adapter. Sometimes a few times a night. Not sure why. The reboot time is only a few seconds and once in a while so it’s not really aggravating to me yet. The OPNs sometimes do reboot randomly while not streaming as well, but they seem to reboot more often during streaming with the TV adaptor.

i was on FW 2.0 the whole time and for some reasons those reboots happend at the beginning but not so much anymore recently, I now got 4.0 on the HAs, I only got one tinitus program right now, its a pink noise and not really doing much, I have a high pitch tinitus and don’t seem to really benefit from it. was hoping for more. maybe those reboots will be taken care of with the TV adapter FW…

The newly released Genie 2017.1 has firmware updates for TV Adapter and OPNs (from 2.0 to 4.0). FittingLink can’t be used; has to be Hi-Pro, Noahlink, or ExpressLink. With Hi-Pro USB, the OPN update takes 26 minutes wired. Note that devices (iPhone, TV Adapter, etc.) need to be re-paired after the update.

^you know anything about the changes they made with the TV adapter apart from that?

yeah wired update took like 3 minutes on mine.

Holy crap, 26 minutes wired on the Hi-Pro USB but only 3 minutes on the “whatever” Gery’s audi uses? Wonder why there’s such a big discrepancy?

I remember last time on the 2.0 FW update it only took a few minutes at my audi’s office, too. I wonder what she used?

not sure, but he sticked wires in the battery comparment of my HAs and those went to that neck loop thing which is also wireless and connects to the pc.

Pairing the aids with a TV streamer, doesn’t necessarily mean a firmware U/G - the U/G process here on a fibre-connected PC is showing as 12 and a half minutes per side. I’ve told clients to expect a 30 minute wait or swapout while I get them sorted. Especially rubbish, 'cause your main fitting machine gets tied up for that time too.

I’m not 100% sure from Chatteremails post - does the TV adapter require a hardwired HiPro etc. input like the Opn’s do, or can I use fittinglink Bluetooth to update it?

How does one update the firmware in the TV adapter?

Very good question by Rocketmahn. The ONLY hardwire connection I see from the TV adapter that can support a FW upgrade is the micro USB port being used to power the TV adapter. But maybe there’s a wireless connection between the TV Adapter and the FittingLink, too, I just don’t know? Although almost all FW upgrades I’ve seen done in the past with any electronic devices have been via a hardwire.

I asked my audi about getting the TV Adapter FW upgrade done at the same visit I’ll be having for the OPN FW upgrade and she said sure, we can do both at the same time. But I don’t really know if she actually knows what needs to be done for the TV Adapter yet, or she was just saying OK and worry about it later.

Ok. I can plug my TV Adapter into the computer via the usb connection.

It is then visible on Genie 2017.1 under “Tools” “Firmware Updater” “TV Adapter”.
It shows that I have version 1.0.2 and the latest is V 1.0.2 and no update available.
When I unplug the usb the TV adapter options goes away so it’s communicating.

The link to the Oticon TV Adaptor instructions is under help on the updater screen.

How to update TV Adapter

Before you start, make sure that your computer is online.

  1. You can open the Oticon Firmware Updater from Genie 2 in the following ways:
  • Click Tools in the top menu and click [B]Oticon Firmware Updater[/B]
  • [B]Click the Oticon Firmware Updater icon [IMG]file:///C:/Program%20Files/Oticon/Genie/Genie2/Help/en-US/Content/Resources/Images/Firmware%20Updater/FirmwareUpdater.png[/IMG][/B]
  • [B]Connect TV Adapter 3.0 to the computer with a USB cable. When connected, the TV Adapter 3.0 will be detected automatically.NOTE: You can update more than one TV Adapter 3.0 at a time.
  • [/B]
  • [B]Click the TV Adapter 3.0 icon. [IMG]file:///C:/Program%20Files/Oticon/Genie/Genie2/Help/en-US/Content/Resources/Images/Firmware%20Updater/TVAdapter.png[/IMG][/B][B]NOTE: Do not disconnect the TV Adapter 3.0 while updating, as this may damage it.[/B]
  • [B]Click [B]Update[/B][/B]
    • [B][B]If the update fails, an orange [B]! appears. Click [B]Troubleshoot and follow the on-screen instructions.[/B][/B][/B][/B]
    • [B][B]If the update is successful, a green check mark appears.[/B][/B]
  • [B][B]Remember to pair the updated TV Adapter 3.0 with the client's instruments.[/B][/B]
  • got the update , my guy said it is mainly for disconnection issues.

    Can you clarify which update it is that you got? The OPN update or the TV adapter update? Or both?

    I rarely have disconnection issue with the TV adapter but I have frequent disconnection issue with the iPhone.

    Do share with us after you’ve used the new FW update for a while to see if you notice any improvement or not. Thanks.

    I got both on the newest now, might be only the adapter or the combination @ solving the disconnects, will give it 2-3 weeks, if there’s no disco then it should have helped.

    little off topic. I hooked a soundblaster Z to my TV adapter via toslink and use Dolby headphone, on win 10 this dolby atmos app is adding another nice effect to games and videos, I prefered that over normal stereo by far, highly recommended :stuck_out_tongue:

    I’m a little confused here. So you use the Oticon TV Adapter 3.0 to stream the Soundblaster Z sound directly into your OPN, and ON TOP OF THAT, you also wear a Dolby headphone from your Windows 10 Dolby ATMOS app to get a second sound source of the same content into your OPNs via its mic inputs? If yes, and you’re recommending it, then I assume that there’s minimal latency between the 2 different sound sources (although from the same content)?

    I updated the firmware on my OPN 1 hearing aids myself yesterday using my Expresslink and the appropriate wires to connect to the aids. The process took a little over 3 minutes for both aids and it did them simultaneously. It was very quick and easy using the Genie 2 software (updated version).

    Now I just wish that I knew what the new version of the firmware changed or added. The new version is 4.0, old version was 2.0 according to the updated message I received during the update.

    If it’s the most recent FW 4 (bound to be released in June/July’2017), then it has new features like the Speech Rescue LX (frequency lowering) and Tinnitus support, along with further fixes to improve the iPhone streaming issues.

    If it’s the FW 2 that was released in Dec’2016, then it’s mostly just fixes for the iPhone streaming/connectivity issues.

    I don’t know what happened to FW 3. They seem to have skipped that version for some reason.


    I use dolby digital live codec for streaming, and use the app to additionally alter the dolby effect for better sound effects.

    they add the speech rescue option to shift high frequencies to lower ones.

    they add tinitus progrmas.

    some other stuff maybe.