Turning EduMic on changes Real's to wrong Mic program automatically. How to change this?

The EduMic is a mic that allows me to understand my kids at the dinner table. It also allows me to connect a Roger X to the DAI port, that allows me to connect to a RogerOn microphone. Very nice. A friend, who is a British resident brought it with him today, so I paid the British price which is 297£ instead of the Dutch price which is 625€!!

When I turn the EduMic on/off, the program of my Real 1’s changes to the mic program automatically. That program is attached to the mic of the streamer, though. The EduMic is received as a TVAdapter in its own program.

Now, I would love to have the aids change to the EduMic program when I turn it on. Or not change the program at all. I remember that Phonak’s Target has got a box somewhere, that you can check to en-/disable this feature. However, I can’t find it in Genie 2. Does anyone know how to do this?

I only have the TV Adapter and not the Edumic. But as long as I can tell, the Edumic is treated in the same way as the TV Adapter is.

I’m not aware of any way to make the specially created program for the TV Adapter /Edumic to be your default program because it’s a specialty created program and is not available to choose from in the list of options for the default main program 1.

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Do you do this because the On mic works better for some use case than the EduMic mic?

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EduMic and TV Adapter have same program. You can select EduMic or TV Adapter separately by pressing pencil icon in Companion app.

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Yes, the EduMic is not meant as table Mic or pointing Mic.
For instance, while we’re eating you would get loony using the Roger on mic in table mode, because of the cutlery noises. The EduMic misses that perfectly and I can enjoy dinner and understand my girls. However, in larger setting with multiple conversations the EduMic isn’t good enough.

I’ve added the word automatically to my question. I’ve no trouble manually setting the program for both the EduMic and the TV Adapter.
The trouble is that the EduMic switches the program automatically to that of the Mic program of the Connect Clip.

So I have P1 to P4, the TV Adapter/EduMic program and the Connect Clip mic program. Turning the EduMic on or off switches the program automatically to the last and wrong program.

Is there a way to change this?