Turn off Oticon Real hands free

Is it possible to turn off the hands free mode on Oticon Real hearing aids when making phone calls?

When i had my iPhone I seldom used the hands free option, I just answered the call from the phone. I gave up on the iphone due to connectivity issues and got myself the Samsung S23. I didn’t use the hands free so losing it didn’t bother me.

On the triple-click screen, Mic Input On means use the HA mics on calls, Off means use the iPhone mic.


What’s the triple click screen?

Triple click on the side button of an iPhone to get a screen like this (iPhone 12 mini with 17.1.2 with Oticon More 1 aids):

Mic input can be on or off - off is use the iPhone mic.

Hi, just curious what issues you had with iPhone and Oticon.

I’ve got Real 1s and the connections are mostly solid. My biggest pet peeves are the Oticon app often will connect only to one hearing aid (but not the other) forcing me to restart the unconnected HA, and that the only way to control the external mics when streaming from iPhone or TV is through the app.

Thanks, Drew

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It has been the lack of overall connectivity, I was using the iPhone and ipad, they are advertised to be able to have aids paired to both and they aids would work with whichever i needed to stream from to my aids, It never worked as advertised by Apple. And I had lots of issues with connectivity issues with losing connectivity when using thr TV adapter was always causing the aids to lose connectivity with the thr iPhone and of the app. I still have some connectivity issues with the app when using the TV adapter but the aids say connected to the Samsung phone.
I also just got a Samsung tablet that has to use the connect clip for streaming which is okay with me.

Thanks very much. I’ve had pretty much all the same issues. I’d consider switching to an Android if I weren’t so deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem. Much appreciated!

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Yes if your aren’t computer savvy the switch can be hard. I am a retired IT Professional and the switch for me was only slowed down by expense of the devices. Being retired i has had to.pace out my total switch back to android. Converting password storage is the biggest problem for some.

On an older iphone you have to triple click the home button and it will pop up