Trying kirkland signature 7.0

So I talked to Costco HIS this morning and new KS 7.0 is in. Last week I was fitted with trax 42 and walked around store a bit talking (and listening) to people, and was happy with them. I am a first timer, never had HA’s. HIS told me to wait a week before ordering–thanks for the solid! Told me today that the KS 7.0 is the Trax 42 with a few added bonuses/upgrades, and that the cost is $100 less than KS 6.0 was. Almost sounds-pardon the pun- too good to be true. any thoughts from more experienced hearing impaired individuals? Does this sound like a Costco deal? The cost would be $900 less than the Trax 42 last week!

I would say that you are in the perfect position to provide a feedback for all of us, since you will try both.

I have no doubt it is really good deal. I’m probably going to try it in a few weeks. I was going to try to wait and see if Costco got the Phonak Venture line this fall, but I think I may have to jump on this.

Don- I will be super interested in your opinion, as I use the same Costco as you do.

So I went to Costco today and wore the KS 7.0 for awhile. Seemed the same as trax 42. I looked at data sheet on both and they are exact except the ks 7.0 has added; voice ranger, reverb reducer, xphone (I believe it puts sound thru both aids while on the phone), and music enhancer. Plus they were $1700 instead of the $2600 trax 42 a week earlier!!! sometimes im too anal on research and put off purchases, but im glad I went in for aids when I did. I pick them up on the 20th and I will sure post on the performance

Hi! I am new to this forum. This Thread really caught my attention as I have been wearing hearing aids for 5 years now. Bought them from Costco they are KS HA 03. Never been real happy with them but they have helped. (Hate them with a passion but would fight like hell to keep them).

This year I have been having a lot of trouble with them and decided to start looking for a better solution. Had hearing tested by three separate outfits and find my hearing has declined a lot. The first of the month I talked to the Costco Hearing Center however the guy that I have always dealt with there had moved on. Didn’t really click with the new guy! He suggested what I needed was the “Costco’s” KS 6 hearing aids at $2699. He went on about how they were compatible with the iPhone etc. When I told him I had an Android phone he said they would not work with it! That new technology was coming out to work with the Android phones, so I declined to buy the KS 6 hearing aids.

Now I have been reading that Costco is coming out with the KS 7 which is supposed to be Android compatible and much better than the KS 6. The real shocker was when I called another Costco in the Area and found out the KS 7 is $1699 compared to the KS 6 which I would have paid $2699 for a couple weeks ago! I am scheduled to see them again on Tuesday 09/22/16.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Not sure what all this means it’s from my last hearing test 09/15/16

Left 125 250 500 750 1k 1.5k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
AC 35 40 35 40 55 55 60 75 80 105 NR 90
BC 50 60 NR 70
Right 125 250 500 750 1k 1.5k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
AC 50 60 60 60 60 65 65 70 75 75 75
BC 25 50 60 NR 70
Left 45dB 89%@ 80dB 75dB
Right 75dB 48%@85dB 85dB

Actually, the KS6 was only $100 more than the KS7. At $2695, you were shown another brand of aid. Because of the trial period, you would have been able to change aids without a penalty.

You should find quite a difference between your old aids and the new one.

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I am 90 days into my 180 day trial with the KS 6. Definitely going to try the KS 7 as I am not happy with the tinny sound coming from the KS 6. Also it does not help me with my real issue which hearing people’s voices.

Android compatibilty of KS6 and KS7 is essentially the same. Neither can direct stream to Android without intermediary device. KS6 was never $2699. KS7 looks certainly to be a great deal.

At this point, there are no aids that directly connect with android phones. They all require the BT accessory

Apple has a proprietary chip and driver that allows direct connect with Starkey, Resound (KS6), and Octicon. These are all newer models. All other brands also require an accessory to connect to iPhones.

For iPhone is the same app Kirkland Signature Choice work for the KS7? I didn’t see a different app in the store?

no, look for a Siemens/Rexton one.

Look for info here:

You are correct the KS6 was $1700, the new KS7 are $1600 and the Resound Cala 8 is the one that they are selling for $2600.

I went to my appointment at Costco’s yesterday and as I suspected my 5 year old Rexton hearing aids are indeed toast. I spent over 3 ½ hours with the guy and reviewed the different options for me. However he was not very supportive of their new KS 7 hearing aids. He said they are a repackaged Rexton Trax 42’s with a couple ad on features. “In his experience they have a lot of issues with moisture and dust even though they are rated high in those areas”. According to him in their test areas for the new KS7 all 5 locations recommended the Resound over the Rexton however due to price issues the corporate office chose the Rexton’s. His recommendation for me was the Resound Cala 8 which according to him is the repackaged Resound Linx2 Model 9. In his opinion the Resound are much better at repelling moisture and dust. After wearing both the KS7 and Resound Cala 8 around “in the store” for a while I finally decided on the Resound Cala 8. I felt that the noise reduction and clarity “being able to understand people talking” was some what better in the noisy Costco Environment with the Resound over the KS7. The KS7 sounded more tinny to me.

I’ll be picking them up on the 29[SUP]th[/SUP] so will know more then! Oh I chose the model that uses the #13 battery instead of the #312, they are a little larger but hope the batteries will last longer and the size didn’t really seam to matter for me! They give you 180 days of free trial so what can I lose!

Wow, fitted with ks 7 at 1100 yesterday, here’s a few observations so far. Things I’ve heard for the first time in a long time{
some parts of music on the radio, dogs nails on tile, blinker on my truck, oven timer, my wifes voice as she walks behind me, squeaky shoes on floor, and more. There is this stupid notebook commercial on t.v. where some dude sings something, no matter how loud I would turn up t.v I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Last night the ad came on, right away I understood what he says “the keyboard detaches from the screen”. Oh, when I type on this keyboard the keys make a clicking sound, who knew? Cant wait to see the grandsons this weekend–my main reason for finally getting HA’s.

Woot! Thanks!

But I sure wish somebody knew when they were coming to Canada :frowning:

last I hear from my Audi, they should be in soon, its awaiting the ADP approval process.

I didn’t know what that was, so I googled it. It’s an Ontario program, isn’t it, with financial support for people with disabilities to get devices like hearing aids. Nothing like that in BC, unless you’re on welfare :frowning: And maybe not even then…

But thank you! None of the Vancouver-area Costco clinics seem to know anything.

I would really appreciate you guys adding your feedback to this page for Kirkland Signature 7.0 reviews … We haven’t listed any Costco aids in the past, and we are trying to make it easier for consumers to find reviews for Costco products going forward. Our review system that is built from the ground up for hearing aids. We ask the following questions:

How much does your hearing aid help you to hear speech in quiet environments?
How much does your hearing aid help you to hear speech in noisy situations (restaurants, crowds, etc)?
How much does your hearing aid help you to hear speech on the phone?
How clear and natural is sound while wearing your hearing aid?
How much does your hearing aid improve your hearing for music?
How comfortable is the hearing aid?
How reliable is the hearing aid?
Does the hearing aid do a good job of stopping unwanted feedback (buzzing and whistling)?
How much does the hearing aid improve your hearing?
How would you rate the value of your hearing aid?

Today was the day for Canada! They’ve started taking orders for them. Don’t have them in stock, and they don’t yet have the demos either. The audi/HAD there said they thus have no experience programming them, either. (Although he did say their similarity to the Trax 42 would make that easier.)