Troubleshooting OTICON TV Adapter

My set up consists of a pair of Oticon More 1, iphone 8 with latest s/w, and the Oticon TV adapter. About half of time i go to watch TV and listen thru the TV adapter the system goes bonkers: sometimes only one side will connect, sometimes no sides will connect, sometimes the Oticon app on my iphone looks like a pinball machine bouncing back and forth over P1-P5. Sometimes it sends off audio that sounds like a siren. It normally takes up to 3 phone resets before the problem disappears, usually 1 or 2.
The other half of the time the system works fine as designed. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how resolved? I’ve noted that receiving “Notifications” can cause a drop in connection. So, before I turn on the Oticon app I will make sure notifications are turned OFF. I know Oticon will send me a new pair of More 1s if I return them to factory thru the dealer but don’t want to go that route just yet if it’s something simple that i need to do with the phone or app.

As you’re a Registered Provider, can you not contact Oticon Support?

I’m no longer a registered provider. Thought it was changed years ago. Had to make another attempt today to change my status.

Thank you.

Maybe @cvkemp could help?

Well my suggestion is delete the ON app, forget the aids on the phone and restart the phone and pair the aids. Maybe even pair the aids to the tv adapter again. Test without having the app on the phone. You can adjust the TV Adapter settings from the iPhone control panel.
I don’t use the app it is a disaster.

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FWIW - same here…


Try resetting the TV adapter, then re-pair the hearing aids.

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BROKE THE CODE: Thank you all for your suggestions. I hesitated deleting and re loading the app as it works perfectly well at least half of time. Secondly, as a retired EE I like having the app and being able to tweak my HAs when desired. I discovered the source of the problem, BT interference, which I kind of suspected but didn’t know where to start looking. The interference was coming from my ipad! All I needed to do was to stop the BT streaming on my ipad or turn it off when I want to use the TV adapter with my iphone. Voila` works perfectly at least so far.

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Yes this has been said on this forum recently that you can’t have 2 x iOS devices connected.

As a retired electronics technician/engineer, and retired IT professional I find the app useless.