Tips on Buying Second Hand Hearing Aids

Someone suggested that I consider buying used hearing aids from another country.
First of all, how to make sure the hearing aid is working and to avoid fraud.

Would it be easy to have them programmed in a company in my country? Or in the worst scenarios, if I need to have them fixed at some point?

What should I look out for? What should I not compromise about?

Do you have any recommendations regarding my hearing loss?

Edited: How can I educate myself on software with my old hearing aids?
Siemens CIC Lotus Pro (R) & Signia Nitro CT (L)

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If you buy on eBay you’ll have the eBay guarantee program and if you pay with PayPal you’ll also their own respective protection, next you’ll want to check eBay seller ratings.

In most cases it’s not that easy, but you’ll need to find one that would be willing to do this for you before buying.
But if you want you could just DIY and be done with it! Your in Egypt which makes things a lot harder to get services and products shipped out to you.
I’d say DIY is probably your best bet.

As for what models, I’d ask what models are you using at the moment? but Phonak comes to mind, a SP (super power) or similar, these types can go pretty cheap nowadays.


The best way to protect yourself is to understand your hearing loss and understand the programming software so you can look for the correct hearing aids for you. This includes learning about hearing aid brands and which one to go with. This is so important.

Once you get a handle on these things you can be smart about what you buy. You can ask the right questions to the seller and hopefully get the correct answers. This will help you weed out bad purchases.

Then there is lots of help here on the forum once you get a little education about the software and programming.

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Thank you for your comment, @tenkan !

Would it be possible to do it myself if I’m not a fast learner? :speak_no_evil:

Very true, unfortunately!

They are quite old.
Siemens CIC Lotus Pro (R) & Signia Nitro CT (L)

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Thanks for your comment, @Raudrive !

Do you know where I should start or look up? If you know some websites/ resources where I can find useful/ trustworthy info, especially on programming software, please share them!

Edited: I have found this.

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You could ask family and friend (living in Europe) to get you a pair of Phonak Naida Paradise UP from ebay or facebook market:

For the mold, you will need one done where you are, so they can take a “mold/print” of your ear, see below:

Yes definitely anyone can do it, but as @Raudrive has stated just get familiar with how the software works, the great thing about this is you can do HA fitting in a simulation mode, this is a very good way to see how and what changes can be made and when you should do it, read the user guides as well because it has everything you need to know for a first fit up, and of course you can ask questions from right here, as there’s plenty of us doing DIY projects to help you along.

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@tenkan I have one more question, please!

What if the hearing aid bought from another country needs to be fixed at some point? What are my options then?

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Yes it’s something you need to consider but I wouldn’t worry too much about it, I’ve had a few repairs over the years from my local outfits, most of the time it’s an out of warranty repair, I’ve also had repairs under warranty, another thing if you get them cheap enough and you get a unserviceable one you can simply throw it away and just buy another ( I’ve done this myself on an older pair that wasn’t worth the cost or repair)

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Is the warranty provided with the aids on ebay?

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Not sure, I think the warranty is Ebay buyer’s warranty, meaning if the item isn’t as described then you might be entitled for Ebay money back guarantee.
For the hearing aids warranty, that’s depend on the HA, if they are within the warranty period, then you could repair them under warranty, but you will need to find a Phonak distributor where you are, who can send them to Phonak for repair.

Better check if the HA are still under warranty, before you buy.

Buy in USA and you can check the serial numbers in target to confirm before buying, but if you get them super cheap like win an auction it wouldn’t matter too much.

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Many of ebay sellers are hearing centers and offer programming. They sell new, open box or used. I have purchased my last three sets from ebay and saved tons of money. I first did a trial of the same model downloading the setting to my target program so I had a good start. Learning programming can be a challenge.

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