Tips and Tricks to increase SNR for speech? (Phonak Target for M90)

Better speech understanding is my primary goal.

I’ve got my gain as high as I’m able with the V90s I’m currently wearing. I’ve already posted about that.

This morning I happened upon a post from 10 years ago which brilliantly describes the cochlear problem that causes lack of speech understanding.

I’m told that my new M90-312s will arrive Saturday. I will be self-programming them, although I hope to have an audiologist who’ll work with me should I arrive in tears. (I should also be getting a TV Connector by Saturday, which I hope will help for speech when watching streamed movies.)

What can I do to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of speech?

The biggest thing you can do to increase the signal to noise ratio is to get a Roger iN device to go with the Marvels.

OK, what’s the second biggest thing? :slight_smile:

You may be right, and to have the flexibility to do that is one reason I paid up for M90s instead of KS9s. But still, I’d like get the best fitting I can to handle those situations where Roger isn’t feasible.

Strictly an opinion.

Follow Phonak Target to a T to fit your new aids.
Do not try anything new for a while.
Use Adaptive Phonak Digital fitting algorithm.
If you have feedback issues doing exactly what Target recommends I believe you need better acoustics, ear molds.
What receivers do you have?

Once fitted try pulling one of your aids out and see how everything sounds. Then put it back and pull the other out and see how everything sounds. They should be very similar. If not, you have tuning to do for that. This needs to be done before other things are done.

I’d say going with the most occlusive dome/mold you can tolerate. The more outside sound you can keep out the better.

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Right now I have M receivers with Power Domes. In a few days I’m going to have an audi take impressions for and order custom molds with Select-A-Vent. I expect to start with no venting, but the SAV will provide flexibility.

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