Tinnitus since loud concert two months ago. Is this audiogram bad for 29 years old?


Hi! I’m a professional musician, and stupidly tolerated a way too loud situation for the first time in my life. Usually I’m so careful and pride myself on being careful… but I felt a social pressure to stay in a bad situation. I actually did have earplugs in (the Hearos kind) and it was STILL way too loud, I was close to the speaker. For the couple days after, high frequencies were super painful-feeling. The pain receded, but I’ve had very very high pitched whiny airy tinnitus ever since (about two months now, never had it before). I got an audiogram last week, and my doc sortof rushed me out and just mumbled “its not bad for someone in your line of work”. I’m 29 years old: Is this audiogram bad for someone my age? And does it indicate that I’ll start losing my hearing or it will get worse earlier than if I didn’t have this one stupid night? I’m super worried and really hate I did this to myself, permanent damage to my most valued sense all from one stupid night… that 6k area doesn’t look so good… Thanks for your time in advance!

Audiogram: https://imgur.com/a/prnl8Ik



Technically it’s not great for a 29 year old as it’s not continued in a straight line, the dip is a sign of noise damage. But there aren’t really any speech sounds in your damaged area (look up the speech banana if you’re not familiar) your dip is in the mildly impaired area and likely what’s causing the tinnitus. The rest of your audiogram is good. If you want to compare I am 34, I have my audiogram in my profile, ear infections, lots of school orchestra (flute) and rock music, the tinnitus stopped going away at 19 or 20. High quality ear plugs weren’t really accessible back then pre internet. To answer your last questions, it will definitely get worse more quickly if you expose yourself to the same situation again and probably bring some other frequencies with it. Unfortunately it will likely get worse later on in life anyway as that is the region elderly people tend to lose their hearing in. Although who knows what the future may bring in terms of medical treatment!



Hearing loss at 29 is atypical, but not so uncommon in people who are involved heavily in the concert scene. I wouldn’t necessarily blame this single noise trauma for the entirety of that hearng loss.

Don’t kick yourself too much. Life happens. Now you will be better about protecting your ears and advocating for yourself and others in the future. The tinnitus will likely calm down in a little while, but it’s going to take a lot longer than you’d like. Try hard not to think about it/worry about it. Avoid silence.



Spend a grand and get some in ear monitors.

I used to use them when I played, and when they were nothing near as high of quality as they are now, and it saved my hearing. Several companies make them, here is an example.