Tinnitus Apps For Phonak

Anyone using the Phonak Tinnitus Balance App? My audiologist suggested I download it but I can’t seem to find in in the Apple app store. Are there any other apps I can use with Phonak hearing aids?

Tinnitus Balance is something that is enabled and adjusted in the Target fitting software of your Phonak hear aid, if it is included in the feature set. It isn’t something that can be invoked by a separate app.

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Interesting, it actually says it is not currently available in the U.S. store. I’ll have to reply to my audiologist. In the meantime I tried a couple others and Resounds app is pretty decent. I guess I didn’t even think I could just use whatever app and it would work like a player.

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Sneeky, I did not see that. I will be deleting immediately. It’s good, but not that good. Maybe the Widex one is free.

Odd, I have it on my android phone and it is free.

It is.

I have the Resound, Widex ZEN, and Phonak all on my phone.

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Its weird, when I saw the Resound one in the App store it only said “Get” next to is so I figured it was free. But when I looked at it in my purchases within the store, it showed the $6.99 a month or 69.99 for the year. I’m using the widex one at the moment. What Phonak app are you using?

I just found an app called “Belltone Calmer” and it is an exact replica of the resound app but completely free.



The Resound app is free for basic. There are some advanced features that are subscription based.
The Phonak app is called Tinnitus Balance


You can use the free version of the Resound. I canceled my subscription and I now use the free one. Less bells and whistles.

I use my noise It is free and available in the Apple Store. It has a zen feature. I also use Starkey Relax. They run separate from the app. Good luck.

I have been using the Belltone app I found that is an exact replica of the Resound app. It suits my needs so far. Biggest difference I notice to other apps is the gentle fading in and out of the sounds rather than the hard stop. I enjoy that.