Thread to Announce Latest ReSound Smart Fit Updates

Rather than have a new thread each time or a post in a thread on some other issue, here’s a thread to announce new ReSound Smart Fit updates. As of 8/31/2021, Smart Fit v1.12 is now available. Interestingly, a new Smart 3D phone app for both Android and iOS was issued on the same date, too.

There is “Update 1” to Smart Fit 1.12 released today. I don’t know what it does, but it’s a whole new download, not just a patch


can anyone provide a download link ?
ReSound Smart Fit 1.12

Off-topic for this thread, but maybe of interest to anyone following it is that today I moved over from an old laptop running Windows 7 to a new one running Windows 11.

So downloading the latest version of SmartFit (version 12 Update 1) from Resound’s site was easy. When I ran the installation file, it installed the SQL database files first, then the program. Transferring the patient data turned out to be slightly more tricky because it’s an .XML file that Outlook 365 won’t let you access by emailing it to yourself, so I used a USB stick and pasted it onto the Desktop. I then imported it into SmartFit, which recognised it no problem.

So next I plugged in NoahLink Wireless which evoked no reaction from my PC (as the driver was either there already or probably installed with SmartFit) and I told SmartFit to connect to a spare pair of LINX Quattros. A minute or so later I was connected and in the fitting screens. It was pretty well straight forward.

So all ok basically.

My experience was slightly different. I just upgraded a relatively new computer running Windows 10 to Windows 11 and have had no problem running Smart Fit, either. I think when I got the computer new a year and a half ago, I didn’t bother transferring my past .XML file or if I did, I copied an exported backup from a OneDrive cloud folder and imported that. I always put important files these days in the cloud - prices may be going up in the spring of 2022 but for a number of years now, $60 per year for Microsoft 365 Business Essentials gives one an Active Exchange Server account (from which one can run desktop Outlook with mail, contacts, calendars, MS ToDo tasks, and a bunch more) plus 1 Tb of business OneDrive cloud storage. Data is not only encrypted in transit to and from the cloud but also encrypted in residence. For another $100 per year, I get MS 365 Office Home Premium, which is more consumer oriented. Word, Excel, OneNote, Access, Outlook for use on up to 5 computers plus another 1 Tb of consumer OneDrive cloud storage. With the consumer version, data is encrypted in transit but not in residence in the cloud, the last time that I checked. Haven’t checked recently but one could share the MS 365 Office Home Premium subscription with something like 5 family members and they all get 1 Tb of disk storage each as well for the $100/year.

So, to make the above description relevant to important HA fitting history, with that amount of secure disk space, you could store copies of fitting software and fitting settings in the cloud and not have to worry about computer crashes or natural disasters, flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, earthquake, etc., that might destroy your home and everything in it. Microsoft cloud storage is redundant so if one of their data centers gets similarly destroyed, there are other copies of what you stored in the cloud, AFAIK.

I’ve gotten several Quattro replacements from my audi and initially, she wasn’t saving my settings and would just load her old settings for me into the new replacement HA. Finally, I got around to asking her to back up my settings in the problem HA that I turned in and load those into the replacement HA received. The reason being is that she could activate Remote Assistance for me but as soon as I mucked around with my HA’s, since I was only using a local copy of Smart Fit, that inactivated the Remote Assistance feature, which can only be set up/continued by an authorized provider. I had arrived at settings that I liked and valued having her retain those, copy them into the replacement HA provided, and be able to continue on with Remote Assistance, should I need it

can anyone provide a download link ?
ReSound Smart Fit 1.12

Check your private messages

SmartFit 1.13 has been released by Resound.

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Is there much of a change in 1.13?

I haven’t downloaded it or looked at it yet, but I guess it’s to allow fitting of the new BTE versions of Resound One that have just been launched.

can anyone provide a download link ?
ReSound Smart Fit 1.13 or 1.12

For DIY Help; Click PVC’s Avatar on any PVC forum post; Click PVC’s Featured Topic;
and find Fitting Software Links and Sources

You will find ReSound SmartFit Plus Aventa3 readily available there.


thanks perfekt :grinning: :call_me_hand: :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to say that my windows 11 PC with Smart fit 1.12 on it suddenly announced yesterday that there was an update to 1.13 and did I want to install it? It didn’t take long either. I haven’t seen this update notification before.

I’ve been running v1.13 since 3/14/22 (and you reported on its availability via this thread on 2/8/22 - I guess you were waiting for the rest of us to take the plunge and see what happens to our PCs! :slightly_smiling_face:).

I rarely use Smart Fit these days as I am happy with my HA fit and just coasting along - so I haven’t paid much attention to what’s changed over the last few versions of Smart Fit. However, if you check the SysTray you might find a ReSound Notification applet is running if you haven’t disabled it via Windows Task Manager on the Startup tab or running if you’ve run Smart Fit since you last booted your computer. Presumably, that is where the notification update came from. I disable just about everything that I can to run on booting my computer. The applet is called FSNotify and labeled in the SysTray with “GN.”

BTW, I like Win11 for promising to continue to evolve PCs into the cloud era. But I might be one of those rare people who actually liked the Start Screen in Win8.x and Win10. So, I’ve bought Start11 from Stardock software (as part of Object Desktop). It allows me to have a full screen of apps and folders arranged as I want but a clean desktop view to work with not littered with the same. I also like Tiles, Fences, and Groupy, too. Not so much the other stuff in Object Desktop that amounts to “Windows” dressing. It takes some getting used to and when any features get in the way rather than helping what I’m doing, I switch them off.

Ha! No I just have had too much else going on to get round to installing it. Like you I haven’t actually needed SmartFit for a couple of months. I’m not really that interested in the hands free telephone functionality, so I haven’t been motivated to use it for that. And the laptop I use day by day is a MacBook Pro which doesn’t run SmartFit.

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Good afternoon, My first time on here :grinning: I have a Resound Quattro that needs some adjustment. I do have a Noahlink Wireless but cannot get the Resound Smart Fit Software download. Can someone please send me that? I appreciate you guys!

Sure, check your private messages.

Click PVC’s Avatar on any PVC forum post; Click PVC’s Featured Topic;
There you will find a link to: (Fitting Software Links and Sources)

ReSound SmartFit Plus Aventa3 is readily available there.

I have just noticed that SmartFit 1.14 was released at the end of June. I don’t know what changes it includes.

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