The Hearing Health LINK Project

We’re launching a very important initiative soon with some world renowned audiology researchers, and I’d like to ask for some early feedback everyone here in the forum. Would you consider joining the project? And, please let me know if you experience any difficulties with the survey!

Note: US Residents Only (sorry)


Sigh. Could you please add in the opening blurb bits that this is only for US residents.


I did actually try to make it intl, but it blows up the scope too much!

Updated btw, and thanks for trying.

I took the survey, thanks!


Just completed the survey :slight_smile:

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WooOoOOOO! I’m IN! You betcha I want to share my cranky insights on life between 2 hearing aids (one in EACH ear). SO MUCH to share.

Fasten your seatbelts. Bring it!


When did you take the test?

It was a short SURVEY - no test needed! I got an email notification. Did you?

Try this link here.


Is the site down? It wont load for me.

Edit: I got it. The site was being blocked for using trackers.

I took the survey and at the end it said thanks or whatever and haven’t heard from them since I took it yesterday

Me neither! But that’s okay, cuz we’ll be surveyed every quarter, so you may get an email 3 mos from now. Nothing lost in signing up to share our 2-cents’ worth! :grinning:

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You won’t hear anything for a while because we’ll be gathering data for a while and putting our research in academic journals … However, I am curious, what did you expect to hear? Maybe we should add a follow up email or something?


Must be a qualtrics thing. Unfortunately, we’re not in control of this.


Yeah, it is a Qualtrics thing. No biggie, I just added and exception for your survey.

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I guess based on 1BlueJay’s text saying she was “in” and was notified by email - that the rest of us who answered the survey would be notified the same way IF we were accepted.

BTW - ever since I filled out the survey, every day since I get an email inviting me to participate in the survey. It comes to my email address I entered on responses to the survey. When I got the first email invitation I filled out the survey again figuring maybe I didn’t fully complete the survey. I no longer respond to the invitations since the first one.

I apologize, just now I reread 1Bluejay’s text entry here and (regarding having received email) I wrongly assumed it was that she was “in” but it must have been what I have been getting, i.e. an invitation.

And now in her next text which I didn’t see until just now she states that she hasn’t heard anything about whether she has been selected. Sorry about that.

It’s not all that exclusive. We’ll accept anyone who meets the following criteria:

  1. 18+ years old
  2. Wears hearing aids or notices hearing problem
  3. Reside in USA


PS. We’ve paused the survey to review the initial data gathered. We’ll start taking new participants again soon.

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^^^^^ That’s ME alright! I meet all 3 criteria.

I think it would be nice to send confirmation emails to those who completed the survey - just a short message like “Thank you for filling out the survey. We continue to get a statistically random and representative cohort for participation and look forward to etc., …”

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Yes, I would be interested in joining this study. I have had hearing loss since childhood and have had 5 surgeries due to cysts in the right ear. My only complaint with hearing aids is the ear piece which never seems to stay in place. I wear the large piece for the BTE aids.
Sincerely yours
Cynthia Pelkowski

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