Telecoil in Phonak Naida Marvel

Hi. Actually I’m using 2 Phonak Naida Marvel hearing aids.

Previously I used Phonak naida venture.

The Marvel hearing aids have the manual program “telephone via T-coil + mic”, but the option to activate duo phone and be able to listen to the telephone with both hearing aids is not available in the target software for this Platform (Marvel).
Only duo phone is available in the program “acoustic phone”, but I don’t like this program because there is a lot of background noise.

This option (duo phone) was available on Venture hearing aids for the program “telephone via T-coil + mic”.

Can someone share your experience with me?

I haven’t tried tcoil phone option so don’t know for sure, but when I was checking some other, target specifically asked my if I want to sync aids in a pop up. So just to be sure, try fresh connection, make new program for tcoil phone and see if pop up will jump out.

Thanks for the reply Blacky.

I created a new manual program (telephone via T-coil • mic) but the option to activate Duo Phone does not appear in the program options.

Duo phone only appears in the program “Acoustic phone”.

Thank you!

Yes, we lost phone things going the Venture and Belong generation to the Marvel platform but gained a few things too.
Have you tried the Bluetooth wireless with your phone?
What phone are you using?

The Bluetooth wireless phone calls works very well.
I have an iPhone 11 pro max.

I used The T-coil program with my Venture hearing aids only to talk on the landline phone.

The Marvel Platform is excelent!

It’s a manual program. You will have to start it manually.
Duo-phone started automatically, this one does not.
At least that is my understanding.

You misunderstood me.
I said sync not duo phone.

There really isn’t an option to click later, but when I started that my program from scratch then pop up came that asked me if I want to enable bilateral / sync something along that.
I never saw an option later, just first time when I created the program I could say yes or no to that.

So my suggestion was to try deleting first all tcoil programs, saving that to ha and exiting the session, then reconnect, make new tcoil program and go slowly in order not to misclick it that pop up pops out.

I don’t know if it will. Just that it was single occurrence so don’t rush.

I have no clue what pops out for your desired tcoil option, if anything. Just thought it was worth a shot.

You start acoustic phone manually, and if it’ll be duo phone or not, that’s defined in acoustic program itself (with target setting)

Thanks Blacky.

Recently I just tried talking to a landline phone by manually activating the “TelePhone via T-coil + mic” program and it works only from ONE hearing aid.

The only program with Duo Phone option is “Acoustic Phone”.

I did not find a way to activate Duo Phone in the target for the T-coil program.

I did not know just how this would work, never used it.
Did you try holding the phone to each ear and see what happened. The Marvel aids have a lead aid and a slave aid. Default is the right aid as lead. Wondering if you held the phone to the lead aid while in Phone via T-Coil + mic program.
Curious how this works out. I did like how the Venture and Belong aids dealt with this.

Yes. I held the hearing aid to each ear while the T-coil program was on, but only heard from one ear. Not from both ears like venture hearing aids did.

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Ok, just curious.