Sudden hearing loss - vertigo and dizziness

I am new to this forum but am facing sudden hearing loss like many of you. I had BPPV on thanksgiving and it was improving within days of the Epply treatment. A week later, I got hit with dizziness and got into an ENT two days later. By that time my right ear lost hearing and I was diagnosed with another bought of BPPV in my left ear. I noticed the dizziness and blurred vision got worse so I went back in Thursday (2 days after my last appointment). I have severe hearing loss in my right ear. I’m on day 4 of my 60mh a day prednisone and have actually felt reduced hearing in my left ear along with my right that was already tested poorly. I am 30 years old and fairly healthy. Please let me know if the dizziness gets better. I can’t think or walk or function at all. Can you please let me know when the vertigo stoped for you? Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum.
Difficult situation.
Maybe @Um_bongo or @Neville or another pro could chime in on this one.
Good luck.


I lost hearing on one ear, overnight. Was 31 then, 2014. Got vertigo, unable to go down the stairs without holding tightly on the wall and person next to me.If I stand and closed my eyes, I’d fall on my back in a matter of seconds.

Took a week to go to the next level doctor, they put me on corticosteroids, intravenous, like 400+ units initial dose… Each day big decrease. They told me I’m too late, but they’ll try (like I should come within first 3 days of hearing loss)
That took 2 weeks, then continuing with oral medication for lowering.
Also went to hyperbaric chamber where they also said I’m too late for them (that was around a month after the incident)…

Did bunch of tests for vertigo and whatnot. Not many hearing tests (like none for wrs, only tonal audiograms, air and bone).

At the end they concluded that they don’t know the cause, but I should reduce coffee and excessive salt intake. Never bothered to ask me if I take any of it while also nonchalantly mentioned that I might have tumour in my head.

So, utterly non professional. They didn’t care to do the MRI scan, so I did privately. No tumours on hearing nerve (that one they thought about but didn’t care to explain)

Hearing never improved, that was 2014, and now it is a bit worse than back then. Wrar HA since 2015,and recently started wearing two even if I don’t need one, because of ease on my brain strain by having similar inputs.

Vertigo stopped sometime during those weeks of treatment. Don’t know if treatment helped for that or not. Probably did. Maybe hyperbaric chamber?

But extreme ones where I had a feeling that floor is moving underneath, that went away sometime during first week of corticosteroids therapy if I remember correctly.

If you can, reduce your food intake. I got weight that I could never remove later.

I wasn’t diagnosed with meniere’s, that also might make a difference for vertigos.

In any case, dig around and understand your situation, push for tests/medicines that might make sense in your case. I’d focus on if they can find the cause type of tests.

Also, expect that hearing won’t come back, unfortunately… And about that, you’re in the right place. :hugs:

It’s tough where you stand now, and I don’t have anything comforting to offer other than welcome here, we understand you.


Thank you so much for sharing your story! I’m so sorry that you had to deal with such terrible doctors when this scary situation is taking place. Since I started the steroids Thursday ( 4 days ago) my left hearing has gotten worse (which was perfect on thursday) and my vision is still blurry and I’m unable to walk. I will call my doctor to demand I have a MRI and blood taken to rule out anything else. Hoping it gets worse before it gets better but that doesn’t seem to be the case :pleading_face:
While it doesn’t seem to be meineres, I’m hoping to find out impact to both ears or root cause.

Good luck! And let your vertigo go away soon!

Call your ENT back and let them know that you feel you are experiencing loss in the other ear and ask them whether that changes treatment or follow-up. A hearing loss in both ears may warranty different investigation than loss in one.

With single-sided hearing loss, in all likelihood, the acute, spinning dizziness will subside over the next week or so with ongoing imbalance after that for a few more weeks that will eventually resolve with regular activity or with vestibular therapy. If you tend to be an axious sort of person, skip the “wait to see if it resolves on its own” phase and seek out vestibular therapy, as anxiety can aggravate things. If the other ear is involved, the spinning should still subside but the imbalance may last longer and again, you’d want to seek out therapy/support.


My doctor is out of office today and isn’t on call so I have to wait until 1130 tomorrow. Tried a few more doctors and they have nothing available. My fiancée and family want me to try urgent care, but I’m not sure what worse they can do. Figured I’m just playing the waiting game and I’ll see what my doctor says tomorrow.
Thanks for the great advice and I will keep you updated

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Unclear on which doctor you called and the response you got. If you called the ENT’s office, even if your doctor isn’t available, they should have an ENT on call that could call you back and give advice.

You’d think. I called my ENT and everybody is out until tomorrow so I have to wait and see.

Did you ask for a call or did you ask for an appointment? I can’t imagine they don’t have somebody oncall (not in the office, but available by phone).

I asked for an appointment or a doctor on call. It’s the holiday and COVID so I was told to wait until tomorrow.

I’ve suffered from vertigo for decades, separate issue from my hearing. It struck me out of nowhere in my late 20’s, and for about 3 months I was virtually housebound. Eventually I got used to it and resumed a fairly normal life, and even longer after that, it receded to a background issue that barely has any impact at all except for an occasional mild flare-up if I push myself too hard (dehydration a major trigger). The body is remarkably adaptable, and I am betting you will also get to where it becomes less of a crippling event and more or a minor irritation.

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Thank you for the words of wisdom. With all of the support I’ve been receiving, I am trying my best to not be a negative Nancy. I’m trying to make sure I walk around the house often and trying to do “daily” tasks like laundry and showering. Sounds like a lame day, but it does make me feel accomplished. I know it will only get better whether I obtain hearing aids and/or able to read/not be dizzy. Just the waiting game on when I can start improving.

Thank you all again. Your support means the world to me and my overactive mind. As I’m sure you can tell I’m no expert at delayed gratification.

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I feel your pain francikl87, it brought back some dire memories as I was in my prime and a couple of years or so older than you when SSNHL hit, a Russian viral flu whilst living in the remote Shetland Islands off the north coast of Scotland, but it’s actually closer to Norway… Anyhow, I went strait to the local doctors surgery as my hearing was down, doctor gave me a decongestant for common flu, he should have given me steroids as a precaution, back I went a week or so later only to receive an apology from the same doctor, he had made a mistake and apologised profusely for his questionable treatment of me, twas the only ever apology I have ever received from any medical doctor and at the time I thought, he was man enough to make that apology so I will not sue or take up any litigation, we all make mistakes in our day jobs, but if a medical person makes a mistake then the consequences can be severe and life changing! Suffice to say, the next 15 to 20 years or so became very challenging, severe to profound bilateral sensory hearing loss, severe tinnitus, vertigo, nausea, severe balance problems, vision distortion and severe hearing distortion and eventually I was diagnosed with Meniers disease… nowadays I am mostly fine, the odd balance problem and my hearing got progressively worse, but I also suffered with anxiety and my mental health has been up and down since my Meniers burned itself out. My point I suppose is we adapt to what ever life throws your way, we are born survivors and when the going gets rough, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and we go again, eventually we will win through, it may not be the life we had envisaged or planned but as long as we have a fair quality of life in my book we have achieved something out of adversity, I reiterate we are survivors… Good luck on your journey and hopefully your medication will work or at the very least be elevated, it is by no means an easy road to travel, but with the support of friends and family you will make it, plus you have the fallback of this forum, we are always here to help if we can. Cheers Kev

Thank you kevels55. I appreciate you reaching out! Hopefully things get better, but I think you sent the perfect message…we are survivors and will make it through. Thanks!


Don’t worry, tomorrow is soon enough. :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome… I was fearful I was perhaps being a bit too blunt, you have elevated my worries, thank you. I learned to eventually except my hearing loss and all the extra baggage that tagged along with it, though in truth this took many wasted years, you will grieve for your old self, but if you can teach yourself to except the new you, then you will adapt much quicker and conquer whatever fate throws your way… good, bad or indifferent, you will come out the other end a better and stronger person. Good Luck, Cheers Kev.

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My ENT is worried and sending me in for an urgent MRI. My GP is concerned about my vision and sending me to a neurologist, opthomologist and pt for the vertigo. As I couldn’t hear well, I’m unsure of my ear doctor is worried due to the loss of hearing or for other health issues. We did bring up cochlear implants which I’m on with. Anything to get back to normal! Will keep you all updated.


My neurologist had guessed that I have susac syndrome based on my MRI. They stopped my 60mg of steroids and put me on 100mg iv steroids for 3 days to reduce the inflammation in my eyes and ears. I am adopted so they also took a hereditary sample. My blood was taken and I will have results in a few days. I also had a second hearing test and there is improve by in my right ear ( the first eat to go last Monday) and decline in my left ear (the ear to go last Thursday). I have hope that improvements are to come! Thank you all for the support!


Glad that they’re taking your seriously and doing further exams.

Wish you all the best and as much improvement with hearing as possible plus of course, complete healing form the rest :slight_smile:

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