Sudden hearing loss (low frequencies plus tinnitus and some hyperacusis)

I am 70 years old in good health; no chronic illness, History of tinnitus for 20 years and occasional benign positional vertigo treated with Epley maneuver. Sudden loss of hearing in the left ear (low frequencies) after I went shooting indoors. Started Prednisone 24 hours later. Also started Acyclovir just to try something else. Six days later I see no significant improvement.

I am a musician that has the hobby of home recording. The music sounds very distorted in almost all frequencies and suddenly the voice of my wife is too loud. I am getting depressed. The question is: How can a hearing aid help if my cochlea is distorting sound?

BTW, my usual high frequency tinnitus is way louder and I have a new low frequency component tinnitus on my left ear. I can hear ok with my right ear. Audiogram showed typical high frequency loss on my good right ear for an old guy. On the left it was clearly low frequency loss. I do not recall how bad it was, but I can hear a little bit through the left. When I rub my left ear canal the sound is mid to high frequency. When I rub my right ear canal the sound has more bass.

I think I am screwed because of old age.
I would appreciate any advice!

I have no advice just my problem.
I wear aids in both ears.
My right ear is my good ear, no distortion.
My left ear has distortion.
The left side amplifies the distortion. I’ve days this before it sucks.
I only notice the distortion if the sound comes from my left, and from the sound of my own voice. If you are on my right side i do not really notice the distortion.
Looking at TV I do not notice it as long as I’m using both ears.
If I lay down on my right ear I’ll clearly hear the distortion.
What to do about it.
Believe it are not you adapt.
At least I did.

Thanks for answering:

When I hear from my good right ear it seems to elicits distortion or feedback on my left ear. I can also sit at the piano and all notes sound distorted. They are less distorted if I block the bad ear, There is no fidelity in music and the sound has static. I wonder if it would be best not to hear a thing form my left and call it a day.

I will say the distortion is a bit variable during the day and it has only been a week since the incident. I wonder if compression may help. It is supposed to attenuate the loud pitches and bring up the soft pitches. In theory this should cause less distortion.

In your opinion: It is worse it to amplify the ear with distortion? Did the hearing aid give you more or less distortion? Did they use compression?
I know I can adapt, but I love to listen to music. I even record music on the computer so this is a bummer.

Thanks for the encouraging words!

I really do not notice it when I listen to music.
Like I said if I use both ears with my aids in I really do not notice it per se.
Whether I have my aids in are not I hear it from my left side when someone speaks to me on that side. Can’t miss it.
I tried to use only my right side for a couple of days.
Two problems.
Left ear has very loud tinnitus. It’s hard to go all day with my ear screaming at me.
Also discovered that without my left aid I do not hear as well. I need them both.
Like I said before if you use an aid you will amplify the distortion.
The question is do you need the aids to hear.
I can hear without my aids unlike a lot of other people on the forum.
The problem is I say what and huh a lot without them.
I am not a musician.
I am not an audiophile.
When i listen to the radio are stream music the distortion does not jump out at me.
I quess it all depends on your loss.
You are not alone there are a lot of people on this forum who have distortion.
They wear aids.
Most audiologist have some type of trial period.
Costco is a favorite on this forum.
You can always try them and bring them back before the trial period ends.
Most important part of getting aids. The audiologist.
Do research. Find the best in your area.
Aids can be expensive depending on what you want.
That’s why a lot of people try Costco.
Personally I think I’d see an ENT first. See what they say then proceed from there.

It cannot.

The best aids can do is reduce noise a bit so that that soup of sounds is a bit more comprehensible to your brain.
And you can train your brain to accept it and work with it, as best as it can.

But, no removal.
Check this post I wrote few minutes ago

Don’t know if this drug can affect distortion as well. It might.

But distortion is f.up thing.
It took me several months to figure out how it works, so you’re in advantage here, you already asked the right question.
That helps with acceptance.

Maybe future brings something good, but for now, we’re doomed :confused: