Streaming from Windows 10 desktop? How?

I’m a luddite. I visit a classical guitar forum that has videos and sound posted, sometimes from Youtube. How does one go about streaming to my bluetooth aids? if that’s how its done? I can do it easily from my phone.

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It depends on which aids, to my knowledge straight to hearing aids at this time is only possible with the Phonak aids.

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Thanks! I have signia AX. I assumed it’s jsut because I’m challenged technologically that I couldn’t do this. Maybe not!

I don’t know what accessories are available for your aids but I would think they would have a small streaming device to pair with your ads and the Classic Bluetooth Windows computer.

Those are Bluetooth LE. Your laptop is the higher powered Bluetooth classic.

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well, it’s desk top, if that matters. i don’t know. I don’t know the difference between LE and bluetooth classic, but assume these are not compatible?

You can connect the tv streamer to the computer and then the aids can connect to the streamer.
Made for iphone and ASHA do not work for Windows or MacOS devices.


thanks y’all! I can go to the site on google on my phone and stream from there, but that’s a hassle.

I can easily stream from my phone, IMac, Ipad, kindle, android tablet, but not from my windows laptop. I can if I use a Sennheiser dongle but now I usually use a TV connector.

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My KS10 hearing aids are the speakers for my Windows 11 desktop and laptop. I don’t remember if Win 10 is exactly the same.

My hearing aids have a 2-3 minute window after turning on for the Bluetooth connection “Add Device”. It is an older desktop with a USB Bluetooth dongle…nothing fancy.
Usually, but not always, when I return from a distance which causes a loss of connection, my computer reconnects. Occasionally, changing the volume on my right aid reconnects if it doesn’t happen automatically.

Your KS10 are Phonak aids that use Bluetooth classic instead of the more energy efficient Bluetooth LE. That is why you can connect your aids directly.

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I have a whole bunch of Video/Audio/Pictures residing on my PC which is connected to my (home WiFi network). Actually the content is stored on a large External harddrive but that doesn’t matter.

Then my LG TV which is connected wirelessly to my (home WiFi network) uses LG SmartShare which allows me to select the storage using my TV Remote to click and play the media.

And finally, since my TV is connected to a surround sound system and the surround sound receiver has a TOSLINK connection to my TV adapter I can listen/watch whatever, and optionally stream it to our HAs.

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Bluetooth LE Audio is your answer. comes with Bluetooth 5.2 or higher :slight_smile:

It seems strange or maybe not… My wife was needing a set of wireless ear pods to listen to listen to podcasts on her iPhone 13, whilst she paints, she does a lot of artwork in her studio, but she wasn’t wanting to go to the expensive route, of Apple, iPods or whatever they are called, so I researched a little on Amazon, for something of the same/similar ilk, with a good rating, that would work with her iPhone, expecting to pay around £100 or so, what I found, totally amazed me, Bluetooth 5.3, noise cancelling, apparently 48 hours run time, nice charging box, that doubles up as portable battery charger, you can charge up the box & ear pods simultaneously, both have a digital readouts of level of charge, answer your phone, I believe it also has built in microphones, apparently this will work with Siri? And she tells me the audio is pristine… And they are very comfortable… Just under £25! If these where hearing aids, you would be looking at adding a couple of zeros to that 25 quid, and TBH, they look like quality… Cheers Kev :wink:


Well yeah, But the motherboards are expensive and too big/none in my favorite form factor (mini ITX).

You can always get a USB Bluetooth 5.2 or higher adapter


Hey Kev, what is the brand? I want some.

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Iphone only support bluetooth classic RN, no way it supports bluetooth le audio…

Jeffrey could try this Bluetooth USB dongle listed on Amazon:
Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter (Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Classic Bluetooth, Gamepad, and Stereo Headset Compatible)

no that won’t work. you need a bluetooth 5.2 or higher /hardware/firmware bluetooth le audio software layer, hearing aid that is capable of LE Audio… There is none of them on the market right now…