Streamer 1.3A + Ria2 Pro Ti

I’ve got a Ria2 Pro Ti and want to use it with TV.
Now I’ve purchased a used set of TV Adapter plus Streamer Pro 1.3A.
TV Adapter plus Streamer Pro 1.3A connect to each other but there’s no tone in my Ria2 Pro Ti.
Does the Ria2 Pro Ti have to be paired with the Streamer or is there anything else I am missing here?
Thank you.

Yeah really old stuff you have, but from memory from long ago with my Alta Pro I think you need to pair them with genie software by plugging the streamer Pro through USB port.

I suppose Ria is Oticon, did Oticon release few TV Streamer, is Ria 2 compatible with Streamer Pro 1.3a?

I believe Acto and Agil pro share the same tv streamer, but I could be wong.

Thank you!
Is this something an end technically fit user can do on his own?

Thank you!
As Ria2 Pro brochure and the manual mentions Streamer Pro.
But as the manual covers multiple Aid types, I might haver interpreted that wrong.
Hopefully not…

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@FlyV There are few version of the streamer, but which one works with Ria2 Pro Ti!! , I have no idea.

Does the ConnectLine works with the hearing aids?

You could try, with genie software and a USB cable, I can’t remember exactly if I needed the HAs connected at the same time, and if that is the case you’d need the fitting link, could be just easier to ask your local clinic for help, but the usual excuse is “oh we don’t have the software for those old models anymore” it’s not true because it’s a simple download from the Oticon servers with an account if they don’t have it installed on their PC.

@tenkan Do they only work with Hi-Pro?

@Baltazard ConnectLine TV connects to Streamer Pro fine. But Streamer Pro not (yet) to Ria2 Pro Ti.

I will call the shop tomorrow.
Hopefully they will be willing / knowledgeable enough to help.
We’ll see.

@FlyV I thought that the ConnectLine connects to the Ria2, not sure why do you need to connect the ConnctLine to the Streamer Pro?

Does the ConncLine works fine with the Ria2?

I believe it can be both from memory, but yeah Rea2 is mentioned, so this needs to be confirmed in genie software before buying the programming device.

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@tenkan From memory, Genie 2019 won’t work with Ria, is that correct?
Meaning, you will need Genie version before 2019?
I am not sure which version will work with Ria, same goes with Acto and Agil I suppose.
Thank you for your help.

Yeah 2017.1 legacy version should do it.

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There are two types of streamer and Open streamer which DOES not require you to pair it the
hearing aids.

Chances are you have a regular streamer, you need to go into the fitting software in the very
last screen before you save and exit you need to put the serial of the streamer for it to work.

Remember you need to wear the streamer as a loop in your neck tot work.

Streamer Pro works with Ria2 Pro

ConnectLine can be used with Alta2, Nera2, Ria2, Dynamo and Sensei hearing aids.

Maybe you need to sync Streamer Pro serial number with the Ria2 Pro Hearing Aids via the fitting software

Hi @firenzel,
Thank you very much.
Should I see the shop or could I do this w/ software only?
I assume that there is some sort of adapter needed in order to change settings in a Ria2 Pro Ti?

What exact model do you have of the Ria2 Pro T?

  • Mini-HdO
  • HdO 85 & 100
  • HdO 105
  • Design RIE
  • Ex-Hörer
  • Mini Ex-Hörer

For overview see here in the technical datasheet

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Ex Hörer Mini I assume…